We bring the goods You bake the magic

The Mosse’s know their Flour,
It’s in their genes

Stretching back seven generations, the family have been milling on the banks of the river Nore in Co. Kilkenny. When you have been handling, milling and selecting wheat for that long, you are not only knowledgeable but passionate about it. That passion is evident not only in their milling but in their blending business. Kells Wholemeal is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of bakery ingredients.

We believe in Quality

“Consumers today demand the best. They also want to know where their food is coming from, so provenance is a key consideration when making their purchasing decisions” Robert Mosse, MD at Kells Wholemeal. All of Kells premixes are Irish made and our flours are milled right here in Kilkenny, using locally sourced wheat.

100% Irish Blends

Who we are

Kells Wholemeal is an Irish company, employing 32 people in the heart of rural Ireland. We are currently one of Ireland’s largest producers of blends for the bakery trade in Ireland and proud to be manufacturing blends specifically for the Irish market using only the very best ingredients. The Kells family were one of the first to introduce blends to the trade and to consumers in Ireland with their Mosse’s Brown Bread Mix, and this tradition of innovation and expertise continues to this day.