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Kells Wholemeal Ltd. is an Irish Family company located in Bennettsbridge in the heart of rural Kilkenny. It is owned and managed by the Mosse Family, a name that is well known throughout the Irish bakery and milling industries
With a family expertise heritage in flour milling that stretches back 7 generations and several centuries in this part of Ireland, we continue that heritage by running a stoneground flour mill under Kells Wholemeal Ltd. that makes a wide range of artisan wholemeal flours using traditional methods.
Since its founding, Kells Wholemeal has built upon that heritage and developed quality cake and bread mixes, with particular expertise in the area of Irish soda breads and scones. While our traditional approach, with a philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’, is important to our ranges, it is also supported by modern technical expertise in house and also with benefit of links to the leading food development centres in Europe. This allows us to provide solutions to technical problems that our customers face in a rapid manner.
In recent years our expertise and innovation has led the way in the area of importing and supporting specialist cereals, seeds, grains and flours for the Irish bakery industry.
This includes a comprehensive range of seeds and grains, (such as Linseed, Pumpkin Seed, Buckwheat) Malted products, authentic French Flours, Polish flours, Spelt flours and Rye flours all of which are provided with a technical support service where required by customers.

At Kells Wholemeal we offer a unique range and service tailored to the Irish food industry, that has access to the best worldwide expertise for customer support and product innovation, but has a tradition rooted in a heritage of quality wholesome foods.




In the 1960’s the family developed the widely known Mosse’s Brown Bread Mix which became a household name.

In the 1980’s the original family business was sold and the traditions were nearly lost.

During the mid 1980’s major changes were taking place in the milling industry. This facilitated the setting up of Kells Wholemeal Ltd. to carry on the family traditions. Today Kells Wholemeal is a thriving small company in a highly competitive market.
We produce our Stoneground Wholemeal at the Little Mill in Bennettsbridge. The mill has a long history and is the only commercial mill of its kind still in operation.

The old leather belts that still drive the mill stones date back to pre-war times.

Our miller recently retired after 52 years of employment with the family but he has passed his skills on to the next generation to ensure its future.

Our Wholemeal products carry a unique nutty flavour profile and are genuine wholegrain wholemeal’s. This simply means that they carry the entire wheat grain crushed into a flour form.

Our mission at the Mill is to produce speciality products of unique artisan quality