• Cracked Wheat Sour Dough Bread

    cracked wheat sourdough

    Cracked Wheat Sour Dough

    People love the taste of sourdough, its tangy and chewy texture make it bread lover’s favourite choice. The long fermentation process also makes it easier to digest, adding to its popularity amongst health conscious consumers. Here is a sourdough recipe for Pain Au Levain with Whole wheat flour and cracked wheat.

    Kells Wholemeal supplies the very best flours to make sourdough breads, for this recipe we recommend using Marriages Uppermost Flour and Kells Retail Fine and Kells Cracked Wheat

    Overall Formula

    Pre – Fermented Flour: 15.5%

    Dough Yield

    About 25 loaves at .68 kg each

    The addition of whole wheat flour to this pain au levain brings the percentage of whole – wheat and rye flours up to 25 percent and this has quite a perceptible effect on the bread’s flavour. The volume may be slightly smaller and the cell structure slightly less open, yet the bread has a clean flavour and a balanced acidity that will make it compatible with a wide range of foods.

    Overall Ingredients

    ~ Marriages Uppermost Bread Flour 7.5 kg

    ~ Bakers Fine 2 kg

    ~ Medium Rye Flour .5 kg

    ~ Cracked Wheat 2 kg

    ~ Water 6.8 kg

    ~ Salt .18 kg

    Total Yield 16.98kg

    Levain Build

    ~Bread Flour 1.45kg

    ~Medium Rye Flour .1kg

    ~Water .93kg

    ~Mature Culture (Stiff) .31kg

    Total 2.79kg

    Final Dough

    ~ Bread Flour 6.05 kg

    ~ Bakers Fine .4kg

    ~ Medium Rye Flour 2 kg

    ~ Cracked Wheat 2kg

    ~ Water 5.87kg

    ~ Salt .18 kg

    ~ Levain 2.48

    Total Yield 16.98kg


    1. Stiff Textured Levain: Make the final build approximately 12 hours before the final mix. During hot weather or if the levain will ripen for longer than 12 hours, the flour in the levain build can be salted at 1.8 percent to slow its activity.

    2. Mixing: Add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl expect the salt and the levain. In a spiral mixer, mix on first speed just until the ingredients are incorporated into a shaggy mass. Correct the hydration as necessary; the addition of a bit more water may be necessary depending on the absorption of the whole wheat and rye flours. The consistency of the dough must be medium – neither dry nor overly moist. Cover the bowl with plastic and let stand for autolyse phase of 20 to 60 minutes. At the end of the autolyse, sprinkle the salt over the surface of the dough, cut the levain into fist-sized chunks and place on top of the dough, and finish mixing on the second speed for 1 ½ to 2 minutes. Desired dough temperature 76 F.

    3. Bulk Fermentation: 2 ½ hours

    4. Folding: Fold the dough twice, at 50 minute intervals.

    5. Dividing & Shaping: Divide the dough into 1.5 pound pieces, shape round or oblong.

    6. Final Fermentation: Approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours at 76F (alternatively retard for up to 8 hours at 50F, or up to 18 hours at 42F)

    7. Baking: With normal steam, 440F for 4- or 45 minutes.

    For more information on making sour dough breads please contact Joe Mulhall or Eoin Jenkiinson on 00 353 (0) 56 772 7399

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