Nothing Tricky, Just Treats!

Halloween Doughnut Treats

Halloween is an opportunity to increase sales with themed treats, anyone for doughnuts of doom, dracula doughnuts?

Create these spooky delights by mixing Millies Soft Icing White continuously at 55 degrees with 6% water added. Then you dip the doughnut into the icing, cool and add additional decorations as desired. Use our range of natural cyber colours to get the exact colour you need. Bakers will love the versatility of this icing range which comes in six flavours.

Millie’s Soft Icing White

Millie’s Soft Icing Dark Chocolate

Millie’s Soft Icing Toffee

Millie’s Soft Icing Lemon

Millie’s Soft Icing New York Cheesecake