Sour dough - Solutions from Bocker

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Sour dough - Solutions from Bocker

Producing naturally fermented sourdough breads have traditionally been seen as labour intensive, and thereby adding costs and the requirement for specialist expertise. The convenient Bocker range of products could be solution for bakers that wish to produce fermented breads, easily and cost effectively.

Bocker offer natural sourdoughs and predoughs in a powdery, liquid or past-like form as well as typical Starter Cultures for your own internal sourdough and predough production. On the 16th & 17th August 2016 Kells Wholemeal hosted a sourdough seminar with Bocker. With experts from the Bocker plant in Germany we had a hands on and interactive session on the benefits of using sourdough cultures.

Ready to use sourdoughs have the benefits of:

~ The sourdough slow fermentation process certainly reduces the need for as many additives in the final bread and is possibly the most realistic process that will deliver ‘clean label’ bread without heavy reliance on added enzymes.

~ Compared to existing ‘no time dough’ breadmaking processes sour dough breads (and generally breads developed using a fermentation process) deliver greater final bread aroma, flavour and bread crumb characteristics.

~ The lower pH (more acidic bread) is more resistant to mould development and rope without addition of chemical preservatives.

~ The descriptor ‘sour dough bread’ increasingly adds to the premium perception of a bread. Seen as the pinnacle of artsian breadmaking.

Bocker offer solutions under 4 product areas:

  1. Fresh active sour starters for traditional and authentic Sour Dough Bread making.

  2. Inactive powdered cultured sours for use in a final bread dough to deliver mainly flavour and aroma.

  3. Inactive stabilised liquid cultured sours for use in a final bread dough to deliver flavour, aroma and some bread improvement qualities.

  4. Inactive stabilised liquid cultured sours with seeds or grains to make a paste that are added to a final dough to give flavour, texture and visual difference to a bread.

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Some photos from the seminar given by Bocker Sourdough Experts