It's easy to be innovative this Christmas with Kells Muffin & Cookie Mixes

Ginger Bread

Christmas is a time where consumers relax with their health conscious eating and adopt a more flexible approach to indulgent treats. There is always the traditional favourites at Christmas, such as cake, pudding and triffle but consumers are constantly looking for innovation in bakery, in the area of flavour combinations or just a fresh take on old staples. At Kells we understand the bakery trade, we know the constraints that many businesses have on time and resources, so while businesses see the opportunities to generate more sales through innovation, restricted time and resources may hinder this.

By using Kells Cookie and Muffin pre mixes, businesses can save in the following areas:

  • It eliminates the labour of weighing individual items

  • It simplifies the preparation and production process

  • Improves production consistency

  • Shortens manufacturing time

  • Reduces storage requirements

Also through simple additions and adaptions you can use these pre mix solutions to create seasonal products that command premium prices and attract new audiences.

For instance using our Cookie Mix you can easily create a ginger cookie, suitable for individual cookies, gingerbread men or slabs for gingerbread houses.

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe


~ 483 parts Kells Cookie Mix

~ 20 parts Red Malt Flour (optional and you can use ordinary malt flour)

~ 7 parts Ginger

~ 50 parts Water

Domestic FAC Oven/ Bake 1 50g balls & 63g slices.

Bake for cookies 170C for 20 Min

If using a bakers oven the baker would need to judge temperature and time to bake the gingerbread pieces or cookies.