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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Use Kells Creme Cake Mixes to make a tempting range of cookies. The make up recipe is very simple…just add butter and water to a Kells Creme cake premix and you have an excellent cookie dough. You can add chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, oats etc to the dough and after balling. Decorate with fondant or why not use one of our Millie’s buttercream icing flavours that make an excellent ‘dry to touch’ fudge fondant icing.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

~ 500 Kells Creme Cake Mix `

~ 150 Butter

~ 50 Water

~ 100 Milk Chocolate Chunks


Mix the butter through the cake premix thoroughly.

Add the water and mix to a paste. Add the chocolate chips to clear. If the paste is very soft then chill it a bit to harden up. Cookies can be individually weighed out, formed into a ball and placed on a silicone paper lined baking sheet, OR roll the paste into a cylinder and cut cookie slices to size and place these on the baking tray.

Bake temperature and time will depend on the oven you use, but we suggest you bake for 18 minutes at 170C in a fan assisted oven for a 80g-100g cookie.

At the end of the bake the cookie will be very soft, but as it cools it will harden. Once cooled you can decorate .

For Christmas you could pipe Santa Claus faces or snowmen onto the cookies using fondant or royal icing to increase the seasonal appeal.

Remember the above applies to Kells Chocolate Cake Mix (Chocolate Cookies),Kells Lemon Creme Cake Mix (Lemon flavoured cookies with lemon pieces…great with raisins and oats!), Kells Orange Creme Cake Mix (Orange flavoured Cookies with Orange pieces…excellent with chocolate chips) and Kells Toffee Creme Cake Mix (Toffee flavour with toffee pieces).

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies