Multiseed Bread, healthy eating is not just for January!

Top 5 reasons to try Kells Multiseed bread today!

~ Be on Trend!

A GIRA report on the European baked goods identified key potentials in the bakery markets lay in taking the opportunity for differentiation. Particularly in the case of the premium sectors of the market which are less price sensitive, and in niche segments such as health, provenance and “free from” products.

~ Premium blend, Delicious Taste!

Kells Multiseed bread is a premium bread concentrate containing sunflower, brown linseed, pumpkin seeds, jumbo rolled oats, wholemeal rye flour, wheat bran and a natural rye sour.

~ Health Benefits

It tastes delicious with the health benefits of fibre, low fat and essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals derived from its delicious mix of seeds.

~ Versatile

Its versatility will allow you to expand your product range. You can make artisan style batons, soft or crusty rolls, Vienna style loafs or even cookies! Try different weights such as 400g or 800g to appeal to smaller households.

~ Increase your profit margins

Greater margins, this premium bread will allow you to command greater margins for your product. By using a premixed concentrate you also save costs in labour, another way to increase profits on your products.