We have the Power! Kells Protein Bread is meeting the trend for protein enriched and bio available foods

Kells Protein Bread

While consumers are focused on healthier eating as the new year begins, it is also a great opportunity for bakers to see an uplift in sales through meeting consumer demand for healthier products.

The forecasters gave protein as the big news of 2016, but we are only beginning to see the trickle down of this trend now. Protein will be big in 2017, but according to experts attending the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo an emergent trend is for sprouted foods. If you feel like it’s the 1970’s again, it might be a case of déjà vu. A key trend for 2017 is sprouting just about everything: seeds, nuts, beans and grains. But why are sprouted foods important? Simply put, sprouting increases the nutritional value of plant foods significantly. When seeds germinate and a shoot emerges, some of the starches are consumed. This results in a higher proportion of fiber and protein in the food. Simple? But a message that may be hard to communicate. Bakers can market these products with claims such as ‘accelerated nutrition’ or ‘Plant - Powered Protein’ to encapsulate in a consumer-friendly way the science behind this concept.

We are delighted to bring to you our Protein Bread blend, Power Flour. Our high protein bread mix range has been developed with the added bonus containing only natural plant sourced protein, but also from sprouted seeds from the pulse/legume family, allowing a bio-availability claim to be made.

WE HAVE THE POWER! Some facts about our protein bread range

  • Kells Power Flour breads have 5g of plant powered protein per slice (based on 22 slices of a 800g loaf).

  • Kells Wholemeal White ‘Power Flour’ Bread contains 14.1g protein per 100g and Kells Wholemeal ‘Wholemeal Power Flour’ bread contains 14g protein per 100g.

  • Kells Power Flours are classes as ‘High Protein’ (The proportion of energy that comes from protein and not any absolute level of protein.)

  • Kells wholemeal power flour bread tests at 8.8g Fibre per 100g, giving it a HIGH FIBRE CLAIM

  • Our White Power Flour bread tests with 5.2g fibre per 100g , which qualifies as a ‘source of ‘ fibre or ‘Fibrebread’.

  • Our blend contains sprouted seeds. We use soya, pea and lentil, making up 9% sprouted seeds in the final baked bread.

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