Kells Bap Mix, Simplicity Surprises

Brioche buns

Wednesday Wondermix - Kells Bap Mix, an exercise in simplicity

Leonardo da Vinci is often quoted as saying “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and anyone who knows the pleasure of a soft fresh bap with butter will agree. Simply put a bap is a bread roll, but adding fillings such as sausages, meat or cheese elevates this humble roll into a delicious feast particularly one relished after a good shin dig!

But what else can Kells Bap Mix make for you as a baker? This quality blend can be adapted to make a number of other products, such as Hot Cross Buns, Brioche, Pizza Base and Brioche Burger buns and Rolls.


Suggested Recipe


~ 1000 Kells Bap Mix

~ 45 Sugar

~ 60 Shortening

~ 60 Yeast

~ Max 10 Mixed Spice (as required)

~ 500 Water

~ 150 Fruit *(as required)

*Fruit can be Sultanas with some currants and mixed peel as desired. You can add more or less fruit as required. For a quality bun, fruit should be plump, or washed and dried prior to use.

Water levels may be adjusted to suit dough handling requirements within reason, or if the fruit is quite dry and is not washed before use.


  1. Place yeast premix and sugar (if added) in mixing bowl keeping sugar separate from the yeast.

  2. Weight up water and it is recommended that water temperature is that to give a final dough temperature of 29C to 30C. (60-dry premix temperature = target water temperature in C)

  3. Mix yeast , premix and sugar with water until a dough forms on slow (1st Speed on a planetary mixer) for 2 minutes. If using a planetary mixer (Hobart style) use a dough hook mixing tool.

  4. Add in shortening(if added) with the spice and mix dough for 6 to 8 minutes on fast (2nd speed on a planetary mixer). If using a planetary mixer (Hobart style) use a dough hook mixing tool.

  5. Add fruit and clear through the dough on slow (1st Speed on a planetary mixer).

  6. Tip dough onto table.

  7. Weigh buns as required and mould by rounding up. (80g to 90g each fairly normal)

  8. Place on a silicone papered tray (or lightly greased tray) and place in proover.

  9. Proove for 40 to 60 minutes depending on amount of spice , sugar and shortening you add. The richest recipe will take about 60 minutes, but will vary according to dough temperature and proving conditions.

  10. Pipe crossing paste on buns or use edible paper crosses.

  11. Bake at 210C-220C for 16-20 Minutes approx in a deck oven (adjust bake temperature and time for oven performance and different oven types).

  12. Glaze with sugar syrup once out of oven if required.

Crossing Paste

If you do not have a crossing paste recipe and do not have nor do not want to use premade edible crosses, you might consider the following crossing paste recipe:

~ 1000 Flour (High Ratio recommended)

~ 6 Baking Powder (Kells Star Baking Powder)

~ 80 Skimmed Milk Powder (Kells Milk Powder Replacer)

~ 200 Shortening

~ Water 1000 to 1250 depending on requirements.


  1. Sieve flour, baking powder and milk powder together.

  2. Place in mixing bowl of a planetary mixer and add the shortening. Using a beater tool crumble the shortening into the powders well on 1st or 2nd speed.

  3. Gradually add water on slow speed until paste is formed.

  4. Stop machine and scrape down.

  5. Restart mixer and beat for 5 minutes on fast speed.

  6. Paste is ready to pipe. Add more water if more fluid paste is needed, but a more fluid paste will not look as distinctive.

Sugar Glaze:

A standard stock syrup can be used. If you do not have a recipe for this then put 1 part sugar with 1 part hot water and mix up and return to the boil. Allow to cool.



~ 1000 Kells Bap Blend

~ 90 Yeast

~ 180 Water

~ 4 Medium Egg

~ 35 Caster Sugar

~ 165 added at second stage - Unsalted Butter

Method Place yeast and blend into the mixing bowl with yeast under the blend. Place sugar on top of the blend. Place egg and water in the bowl and mix for 2 min on slow and 6 min on fast in a spiral mixer (2min on 1st and 6 min on 2nd with a dough hook if using a planetary mixer). Target final dough temp is 25-28C after butter is beaten in so if using chilled egg, you will need to compensate with water temperature.

tight dough

Dough will be a tight but developed dough.

Ensure the butter is softened but not hot or oily. Add half of the butter to the dough in the mixing bowl and mix for 1 minute on fast speed on the spiral (2nd speed with a dough hook on a planetary mixer) then add the rest of the softened butter and mix for a further 2 minutes to beat into the dough and to make a silky dough that is slightly oily to touch and will not need dusting.


Dough will be silky, pliable, slightly oily to the touch, but not sticky.

breaking up

If required you can clear through chocolate chip or candied peel etc at this stage.

Remove from the mixing bowl and scale into dough weights as required. Target final dough temp is 25-28C. Hand up or first mould dough the individual dough pieces. Allow to rest for 3-5 minutes then give a final mould or shaping before tinning up or placing rolls made on silicone papered baking tray. The dough is also suitable for plaiting or fancy work.

250 g Dough will be easy to mould and shape.

Once trayed up double egg wash and place in proover (40% RH at 40C suggested) for 45-55 minutes or until ready.

Dough should be double egg washed prior to proving.

Prove as a normal loaf/roll. Will flow more on proving than a standard dough, but gives reasonable oven spring.

Bake at 230C with reduced bottom heat for 10-12 min for a 90g roll or 45g bridge roll or 15-16 min for a 250g loaf. Adjust baking temperature and time to suit bread size, oven performance and customer requirements.


250g baked Brioche Loaves.

Pizza Base

Kells Bap Mix as a Pizza Dough Premix

Make up: Baker adds yeast, water and olive oil to premix and mixes 2 Min on slow speed and 6 to 8 minutes on second (fast on a spiral) speed. Target dough temperature 26C. Scale the dough and round up as normal. Recommended that baker uses maize grits instead of a dusting flour.

~ 1000 Kells Bap Mix

~ 37.5 Fresh Yeast

~ 50 Olive Oil (extra virgin or ordinary)

~ 520 Water

Once rounded up, store for at least 2 hours in chill before use. Ensure dough pieces are well covered in plastic and brush the top of the plastic lightly in olive oil to prevent sticking to the dough. Alternatively store in lidded plastic boxes and place in chill. Allow to recover for 20 min to 30 min before pinning. Use maize grits as a dusting medium to minimise sticking. Pin or otherwise manipulate the dough to the thickness and diameter required, ensuring it is as even as possible with no tears etc.

Place in tin or on greased or silicone paper lined or maize dusted tray. Apply toppings as required. Allow rest a few minutes. Recommend hot oven. 230C bottom heat set to medium and 270C top heat set to high for optimum bake. However adjust to suit oven condition and bakers own requirements.

Pizza Styles: Suitable for both deep pan and thin pizza bases.