Banana Cake

Banana Cake

Banana Cake

It’s not just Minions that love bananas, and banana cake, it’s a flavor that is becoming popular world over, even in places like Scandanavia, France and Italy where it’s not a traditional flavor. Here in Ireland we have always loved our banana cake, and with our easy to use cake blend it is simple to add a number of banana cake products to your range.

You might be surprised to know that bananas are now the world’s number-one fruit, way ahead of apples, oranges or pears. More than that, bananas are the world’s fourth biggest food staple, after rice, wheat and corn.

Here at Kells we have created a banana cake that is deliciously moist and flavoursome. It is suitable to make celebration cake and layer cakes, traybake sheets, unit cakes, individual queencakes. Why not mix it with our toffee cake to make a Banoffi mixture?

This cake is natural flavoured, has no added colours and is made right here in Ireland by Kells Wholemeal.

Suggested Recipe

~ Kells Banana Cake Mix : 1000

~ Vegetable Oil : 500 (Can be reduced to lower oil content in final cake. Ask for details.)

~ Water : 500

Suggested Method

  1. Using a planetary mixer with beater tool, place oil and premix in mixing bowl.

  2. Mix for about 1 minute on 1st speed or until oil and premix are mixed together with no lumps.

  3. Gradually add the water until dispersed in the mix. Stop mixer and scrape down to ensure no mix is trapped at the bottom of the bowl.

  4. Mix for 4 minutes on 2nd speed.

  5. If fruit/seeds are being added, clear through at this stage.

  6. Deposit batter as required

  7. Bake as per normal for a cake. For a 450g unit cake bake at 180C in a deck oven for 40-45 minutes. Adjust temperature and time for different oven performance, oven type, product weight and customer colour requirement. Ask for advice.

Depositing guides: For a cup cake : 40g. For a Queencake: 60-80g. For a Unit or Lb Cake: 450g. For an 18’’ x 30’’ sheet for layercake/celebration cake work : 3.9kg. All are guides, adjust for optimum use.

We have finished off with Millie’s Soft White Icing. Millie’s is Kells Wholemeal’s own range of cake decorating products.

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