Bread Winners – All hail the humble sandwich!

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The humble sandwich has its origins long before the infamous words uttered by John Montagu (The 4th Earl of Sandwich) in 1792, calling for meat to be served between slices of bread. Apparently to avoid interrupting a gambling game, urban myth or reality, the name stuck and today, hundreds of thousands are served around the world every day.

The last few years have been tough for bread, the main sandwich carrier, particularly with the backlash against gluten and carbs. Despite this the value of the sandwich market is growing, up from £7.5bn in 2015 to £8bn in 2016, not from more sandwiches being sold but from higher value products filling the marketplace.

The increase in sales and the growth of sandwiches is coming from consumers choosing better quality fillings and more importantly for us bakers, different types of artisan style breads. In a nut shell consumers are willing to pay more for a premium sandwich. Once more the emphasis will be on provenance, quality and perceived healthier breads.

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Kells Wholemeal has a range of bread blends to suit the growing demand for premium breads for sandwich manufacturers.


In line with consumer demand for healthy breads, this complete blend has all the characteristics of the Krusty White with the benefit of a fibre claim. The fibre levels are boosted by a clean oat fibre making for an attractive ingredient declaration. This bread has no added sugar, is a source of fibre and is made right here in Kilkenny.

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Made using Kells 100% Stoneground Wholemeal flour, this blend offers a high fibre flavoursome bread with added grains to enhance flavour and texture. This bread is a marketers dream, its high in fibre, made with 100% Irish stoneground wholemeal flour, has no added sugar and no added preservatives.

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A concentrate that delivers a delicious taste of the Mediterranean, containing dried tomato and herb blend. The bread has a strong herb aroma with mixed Mediterranean herb blend interspersed with the sweetness typical of dried tomato. This blend is perfect for making different types of bread such as focaccia bread and ‘tear and share’ party bread.

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Containing rye flour, natural rye sour, sunflower seeds and linseed, this concentrate gives the finished bread a distinctive but mild acidic note typical of rye sours. The textural crunch from the added seeds combined with the light textured bread and excellent volume makes this a premium product.

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The popularity of seeded breads continues to grow with consumers, with research indicating a direct positive consumer perception between health and seeds. This blend contains a delicious mixture of seeds.


Our spelt and honey bread blend makes a 100% spelt flour yeasted bread, with added textured from soya, sunflower seed, sesame seed, spelt flakes and honey. This is made with 100% spelt flour, has no added preservatives.


Our spelt with wholegrain barley bread blend was formulated to make a quality yeasted wholegrain style bread with 100% spelt flour. Flakes of wholegrain barley and sunflower seeds are interspersed to give a delicious texture that can enjoy a “health bread” claim.

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Top 5 Sandwich Carriers

Sliced Bread 31.5%

Rolls & baps 23.1%

Baguettes 20.4%

Paninis 5.9%

Wraps 5.7%

Other 13.4%

Top 5 Sandwich Fillings

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

Chicken & Ham

Chicken & Bacon

Egg & Bacon

Cheese Salad

(source British sandwich association / kantar world panel)