Nore Soda with Guinness & Treacle


Recipe for Guinness and Treacle Soda Bread


~ Kells Nore Soda Bread Mix 1,000 grams

~ Guinness 750 ml (Adjust to suit requirements.)

~ Treacle 50 grams

Suggested Method

This recipe is for a ‘no time dough’

Add all the ingredients together. For a spiral mixer mix 1 minute on slow and 30 seconds to 1 minute on fast. (Adjust mixing to suit machine performance).

For a planetary mixer, with a beater, mix 1 minute on 1st speed and 30 seconds to 1 minute on 2nd (Adjust mixing to suit machine performance). Allow to rest for about 1 minute before dividing into two to allow bran to soak up moisture.

After dividing, round up and rest for 1 minute approximately. (Use bakers or retail white dusting flour as required.)

Flatten slightly or shape as required and top dress with flour (optional) and cut dough as required (a cross on a round is traditional, a horizontal cut on a rectangular tin bread is usual).

Bake as per normal soda bread. For a 450g tin bread bake at 230C (445F) for 30-35 minutes in a deck oven. For a 1.75kg round oven bottom loaf (bake on a tray) bake at 230C (445F) for 35-40 minutes in an electric deck oven. Adjust baking time and temperature to suit oven performance and oven type and customer colour requirements. If unsure ask for details.