Feel the Pulse - Protein Bread from Kells


Many of you may not have known that 2016 was the official “year of pulses”. But indeed it was and the 68th UN General Assembly declared it in order to heighten public awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food production aimed towards food security and nutrition.

Protein is the nutritional buzz word of the moment but more importantly plant proteins such as yellow peas, red and green lentils, chickpeas and navy beans. This is a much more sustainable way of getting proteins into our diets, a key consideration in our need to limit green house gases.

And it is plant proteins which as driving a lot of the new product development especially in the bakery trade. These proteins make marketing relatively easy, as they are packed with nutritional goodness and pulses contribute to the prevention of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and help lower cholesterol and control weight.

International big bakery brands are keen to get into this space and are busy developing new products using flours milled from different pulse types. In Ireland Kells Wholemeal has led the way in developing bakery blends using pulses. The Kells Power Four Protein Bread mix achieves the high protein claim through the use of pulses such as pea and lentil. With the final bread containing 6.5% of pulses.

“Our protein bread blend is made from a number of naturally occurring protein sources such as sprouted pea, lentil, flax seed and apple fibre. Not only does it have a protein and fibre claim, but also feeds into the sprouted foods and pulses trend emerging in the food sector” Robert Mosse, MD Kells Wholemeal.

Developed in house by our technical team, this bread uses the very best ingredients and the recipe gives a high protein claim in wholemeal in white varieties. One slice of our protein bread provides over one tenth of the daily protein requirement for a normal adult on 2,000 calories.

With proteins at this level bakers can make claims such as ”Helps with growth and maintenance of muscle” or ”Helps with maintenance of normal bones”. This new product offer opportunities to increase market share amongst active millennials, older people and families with targeted marketing campaigns related to bone strength and muscle mass.

High Protein Bread Blend from Kells:

• High Protein Claim – Power Flour delivers over 50% more protein than an average sliced brown loaf.

• The Wholemeal Brown Power Flour also has a high fibre claim, the white has a source of fibre claim

• Numerous marketing opportunities for bakers looking for NPD options or new markets

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