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  • Give your product a lift with Kells Baking Powders


    There is no doubt that frozen bakery is growing in the food processing sector, especially given the typical challenges of the short life span of products such as bread.

    However developing new products for this sector can offer challenges to bakeries. Our expertise and technology provides bakeries with solutions that address stability and performance factors of products specifically developed for frozen market.

    Choose from the following baking off the shelf baking powders:

    • Red Lion Baking Powder High Power (slow acting) 18% +/- 2%
    • White Lion Baking Powder High Power 18% +/- 2%
    • Star Baking Powder Standard Power 15% +/- 2%

    These three products offer bakers the main grades of baking powder most commonly used in the trade. In addition we would be happy to discuss any particular requirements a customer may have in a baking powder and can work with customers to develop a baking powder that meets performance or nutritional needs.

    We are equipped with a “Chittick Apparatus” which allows us to accurately determine the gas release from baking powders and self raising flours. Our in house expertise, equipment and partnership with leading leavening ingredient manufactures in the UK, Europe and USA allows us to offer the highest quality raising agents. Our Baking Powders made in Ireland and suitable for the Irish baker and palate.

    Why choose Kells Baking Powders?


    Our baking powders are manufactured at our Irish facility, there is no long lead in time and stock is made to order meaning a fresher product for your baking.

    Track Record

    Kells Wholemeal has been making baking powders for over twenty five years, with in house technical expertise and a long heritage in this area the company has a proven track record in delivering excellent chemical raising agents.

    Non Wheat Flour

    All of our baking powders have non wheat flour carriers, being made without wheat flour they can be used in spelt baking.

    Tailor made solutions

    If your bakery has special requirements, we can adjust the reaction levels, increase the potency/gas levels helping you achieve a cleaner after taste.

    New Product Development

    If you are considering developing frozen raw product, our baking powders help with aeration and incapsulation. When you need greater stability and performance from your raising agent, such as in unbaked or highly acidic products Kells are the people to talk to.

  • Nothing Tricky, Just Treats!

    Halloween Doughnut Treats

    Halloween is now one of the key dates in the bakery diary, with consumer spending of approximately €41 million expected in Ireland during the period.

    There are the usual Halloween favourites that Kells supply like red velvet cake mix and barm brack (Ask for our recipe to adapt Kells bap mix to barm brack). But have you considered using pumkin instead of carrot in our carrot cake mix for a seasonal twist? Or perhaps baking a toffee apple muffin by using our Aldia apple fruit filling and finishing with whipped Millies Toffee icing?

    However, it is in the finishing that you can maximise real seasonal impact. Kells has an extensive range of premium quality cake finishings and decorations which will bring your Halloween range to spooktacular heights!

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  • Pack a Punch with Power Flour - Protein Bread

    Some breads

    Innovation continues to be at the forefront of driving sales growth in the bread sector. Particulary by creating products that more easily capture health-focused and traditional non-bakery consumers. In line with this trend, Kells recently launched its newest product POWER FLOUR, a high quality protein bread blend.

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