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  • Spelt Universal Cake, 1 Mix, 3 Knockout Products!

    3 spelt products from one mix

    Each week we will be taking a look at the versatility of our cake and bread blends. This week we are focusing on Spelt Universal Cake, made with 100% spelt flour this blend makes a delicious lightly flavoured plain cake base, but with a little imagination can do a whole lot more!

    The trend for healthier breads continues, so does the popularity of spelt not only in bread but in other products. Spelt is an ancient grain, one of the original natural grains known to man. Spelt contains more protein, fats and crude fibre than wheat, in fact all human daily protein requirements can be met with spelt proteins. However spelt is a much harder grain to manage commercially, therefore the more traditional wheat varieties took a hold because of their commercial convenience. Both our premix spelt bread solutions and cake mixes have made it easy for you to create a whole range of healthy and delicious products. See here for our yeasted spelt bread range.

    Top 5 reasons to love spelt

    ~ Bio-availability– in line with growing trends for bio available and accelerated nutritional foods, spelt’s nutrients are more quickly absorbed by the body due to the grains high water solubility.

    ~ Spelt has a high nutritional value - Spelt is a rich source of vitamins particularly B vitamins

    ~ More Digestible - As well as having more fibre, the gluten levels are lower and in spelt are water soluble. This means it is degraded by heat and is easily broken down by mixing action. Spelt’s relatively fragile gluten is easily broken apart during the chewing and mixing action which allows the enzymes and acid secreted during the digestive process to work on the surface of the food.

    ~ Spelt has a higher protein level than wheat - Spelt contains up to 50% more protein than wheat

    ~ Rich in high quality fibre - Spelt contains high levels of soluble and insoluble fibre, the soluble fibre “dilutes” the body’s bad cholesterol thus helping to prevent hypertension and heart disease.

    One Mix, Three Products - Spelt Universal Cake #wedwondermix

    Spelt Muffins

    Multiseed & Fruit Spelt Muffins

    To make 120g Muffins

    Kells Spelt Universal Cake Mix :1000

    Vegetable Oil : 430 (Can be reduced to lower oil content in final cake. Ask for details.)

    Water : 330

    Fruit & Multiseed :569g

    Suggested Method:

    ~ Using a planetary mixer with beater tool, place oil and premix in mixing bowl.

    ~ Mix for about 1 minute on 1st speed or until oil and premix are mixed together with no lumps.

    ~ Gradually add the water until dispersed in the mix. Stop mixer and scrape down to ensure no mix is trapped at the bottom of the bowl.

    ~ Mix for 3 minutes on 2nd speed.

    ~ Add fruit/seeds and clear through at this stage.

    ~ Deposit batter as required

    ~ Top with multiseeds

    ~ Bake at 190C in a deck oven for 40-45 minutes. Adjust temperature and time for different oven performance, oven type, product weight and customer colour requirement. Please contact us for advice.


    Spelt Cookies

    Kells Universal Spelt Cake Mix :500

    Butter :150

    Water :50


    ~ Mix butter through mix until paste is formed.

    ~ Add water.

    ~ Roll to cylinder and cut cookies to size, or ball up to cookie weights.

    ~ Bake at 170C for 18 Minutes in a fan assisted convection oven or as required.


    Frangipane Cake

    To make a delicious and simple frangipane cake simple

    ~ Use your universal spelt cake cookie mix as a base.

    ~ Layer on your fruit compote

    ~ Pour the universal spelt cake mix on top and bake (use muffin recipe without the fruit and seeds added)

    ~ Bake at 190C in a deck oven for 40-45 minutes. Adjust temperature and time for different oven performance, oven type, product weight and customer colour requirement. Please contact us for advice.

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