• Sports Nutrition Going Mainstream

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    For many years protein was considered the buzz word amongst athletes and body builders, but the latest research from Mintel indicates that the appetite for sports nutritional products is going mainstream, with as many as one in four British people having consumed a sports nutrition product in the last three months.

    This consumer trend could be good news for the bread industry, as research has shown that consumption of these products is primarily amongst a younger demographic with higher incomes than the average. Of those researched, two in five have consumed a sport nutritional product in the past three months and of those three in ten have an income over 50,000 stg. These consumers are willing to pay more for products that compliment their healthy lifestyle and diet.

    The increase in consumption is noteworthy, according to Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), the number of food and drink products launched in the UK with a high-protein claim rose by 97% between 2014 and 2015 and 498% between 2010 and 2015.

    Over one third of adults researched believed that protein in particular was an important constituent for a healthy diet. They agreed that eating protein enriched foods offered the advantage of ensuring their intake of protein was sufficient, that it supported a healthier more active lifestyle and that that it helped keep fuller them for longer.

    With bread often getting a battering in the press, developing products that have “sports nutritional” elements such as protein offer opportunities to grow new and possibly more lucrative markets. Kells Wholemeal has a complete blend which provides a simple solution if you wish to develop a protein enriched bakery product.

    Power Flour, Kells Protein bread blends are made from a number of naturally occurring protein sources such as sprouted pea, lentil, flax seed and apple fibre. This bread contains the added goodness of sprouted seeds which is said to improve the bioavailability of certain vitamins minerals and proteins. Developed in house by our technical team, this bread uses the very best ingredients and the recipe gives a high protein claim. These bread blends come in Wholemeal and multiseed varieties.

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    “Premix blends are simply recipes that we created. We do all the weighing up of ingredients and you just mix and bake. By using one of our blends you can save money and time by producing perfect, authentic breads every time, in turn using those savings to develop other areas of your business.” says Robert Mosse. “It eliminates the labour of weighing individual items; simplifies the preparation and production process; improves production consistency; shortens manufacturing times and reduces storage requirements.”

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  • You had me at phenylethylamine! Kells Chocolate Cake, the food of love

    Kells Chocolate Cake

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    It can all be put down to phenylethylamine and tryptophan, that help create serotonin and stimulants, which mimic the feelings of falling in love. So we get all that and delicious taste? What’s not to like?

    Make a delicious Valentines Chocolate Cake from our range, decorate with Millie’s Icings and job done.

    Happy Valentines from all of us at Kells Wholemeal!

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