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    Doughnuts are the sweet treat of the moment, just look at the proliferation of trendy doughnut bars in our Capital to see that the appetite is still very strong to indulge in these yeasted treats. Whether you like them simple and traditional dipped in sugar or salted caramel and honeycomb…the humble doughnut looks like it will stand the test of time.

    With the right equipment and set up Doughnuts are easy to produce. More importantly they offer lots of potential to add value and create exciting flavour combinations, which means being able to command premium prices. Some flavour trends such as coffee and tea, boozy doughnuts or gourmet combinations such as cinnamon and salted caramel, crème brulee or cardamom and orange stir consumer imagination and taste buds. On the other hand, the popularity of the simple sugared doughnut or Boston crème shows no sign of abating. Kells Wholemeal has a range of premix doughnut and decorating solutions that will mean you are ahead of the trend.

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    Producing a Berliner style doughnut, this is a premium blend that has been formulated to give minimal oil pick up, light texture and extended crumb softness. This formula maximises freshness and shelf life.

    MAKES: Round/long yeasted doughnuts for filling or decorating, Berliner style or fresh cream doughnuts.


    This is a concentrate that will produce a Berliner style doughnut. Just add bakers flour, yeast and water to create a premium doughnut product.

    MAKES: Round/long yeasted doughnuts for filling or decorating, Berliner style or fresh cream doughnuts.


    This blend pays tribute to the home of the doughnut, it produces a premium quality product with a light texture and delicious eating qualities.

    MAKES: Quality round or long yeasted doughnuts for filling or decorating, Berliner style or fresh cream doughnuts.


    For the traditional raised ‘ring’ doughnut we have this complete blend. All the baker has to do is add cold water, mix, deposit and float fry.

    MAKES: Cake ring doughnuts to roll in sugar or decorate with icing. This mix can also make pancakes.

    8 ways to make doughnuts sing…

    ~ Take the simple approach with a straight forward but delicious glaze or sprinkle with sugar.


    ~ Add Cinnamon this lovely spice is packed with antioxidant power so feel free to sprinkle copiously!


    ~ Nutmeg & Berry Icing – this flavour combination packs a punch

    ~ Chocolate With Butterscotch Glaze and Salted Almonds

    ~ Birthday Cake doughnuts – who needs a whole cake when you can divvy out individual pieces of happiness

    ~ Lemon Poppyseed – always a great combination with hot coffee


    ~ Chocolate Glazed Nutmeg and Chai Tea

    ~ Chocolate Cake With Marshmallow Fluff and Coconut: Dye the coconut flakes to act as a flavorful substitute to sprinkles.


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  • Cracked Wheat Sour Dough Bread

    cracked wheat sourdough

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  • Nore Soda with Guinness & Treacle


    Guinness + soda bread = Ireland on a plate!

    Nore Soda is one of Kells Wholemeal’s most popular bread blends, and is the perfect way to get consistency in your product delivery every time. Its easy to make simple amendments to the make up recipe to create different flavours such as this recipe for Guinness and Treacle Soda Bread.

    “Premix blends are simply recipes that we created. We do all the weighing up of ingredients and you just mix and bake. By using one of our blends you can save money and time by producing perfect, authentic breads every time, in turn using those savings to develop other areas of your business.” says Robert Mosse. “It eliminates the labour of weighing individual items; simplifies the preparation and production process; improves production consistency; shortens manufacturing times and reduces storage requirements.”

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  • Traybakes, the perfect grab n go!

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    Creating healthy options continues to dominate product development in the bakery sector, but despite the kaleidoscope of new health products with their label claims and marketing, the craving for classic indulgence will never wane. What can compare to a slice of cake, a square of shortbread or an oaty flapjack with a cup of tea?

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  • Banana Cake

    Banana Cake

    It’s not just Minions that love bananas, and banana cake, it’s a flavor that is becoming popular world over, even in places like Scandanavia, France and Italy where it’s not a traditional flavor. Here in Ireland we have always loved our banana cake, and with our easy to use cake blend it is simple to add a number of banana cake products to your range.

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  • Easter Treats at Kells


    Easter is a time of celebration, the arrival of Spring, longer evenings and family events. It is also an opportunity for bakers to create seasonally themed baked goods to increase sales during this period. We are delighted to bring you our Easter Delights Recipe Booklet with easy ideas to create seasonal treats.

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  • You had me at phenylethylamine! Kells Chocolate Cake, the food of love

    Kells Chocolate Cake

    Archaeologists and historians can give detailed accounts of how the cocao bean was used in ancient times to heighten romantic feelings. Take the Aztec emperor Montezuma who was said to indulge in the beans to enhance his romantic endeavours.

    It can all be put down to phenylethylamine and tryptophan, that help create serotonin and stimulants, which mimic the feelings of falling in love. So we get all that and delicious taste? What’s not to like?

    Make a delicious Valentines Chocolate Cake from our range, decorate with Millie’s Icings and job done.

    Happy Valentines from all of us at Kells Wholemeal!

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  • Spelt Universal Cake, 1 Mix, 3 Knockout Products!

    3 spelt products from one mix

    Each week we will be taking a look at the versatility of our cake and bread blends. This week we are focusing on Spelt Universal Cake, made with 100% spelt flour this blend makes a delicious lightly flavoured plain cake base, but with a little imagination can do a whole lot more! Read more…

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