• You had me at phenylethylamine! Kells Chocolate Cake, the food of love

    Kells Chocolate Cake

    Archaeologist and historians can give detailed accounts of how the cocao bean was used in ancient times to heighten romantic feelings. Take the Aztec emperor Montezuma who was said to eat the beans to enhance his romantic endeavours.

    It can all be put down to phenylethylamine and tryptophan, that help create serotonin and stimulants, which mimic the feelings of falling in love. So we get all that and delicious taste? What’s not to like?

    Make a delicious Valentines Chocolate Cake from our range, decorate with Millie’s Icings and job done.

    Happy Valentines from all of us at Kells Wholemeal!

    Kells Chocolate Valentines Cake


    ~ 1000 Kellsponge Mix

    ~ 250 Water

    ~ 350 Liquid Egg

    ~ 200 Vegetable Oil (increase as required for a more moist cake-ask for advice)

    Suggested Method:

    1. Using a planetary mixer with beater tool, place oil and premix in mixing bowl.

    2. Mix for about 1 minute on 1st speed or until oil and premix are mixed together with no lumps.

    3. Gradually add the water and egg until dispersed in the mix. Stop mixer and scrape down to ensure no mix is trapped at the bottom of the bowl.

    4. Mix for 4 minutes on 2nd speed.

    5. If fruit/seeds are being added, clear through at this stage.

    6. Deposit batter as required

    7. Bake as per normal for a cake. For a 450g unit cake bake at 180C in a deck oven for 40-45 minutes. Adjust temperature and time for different oven performance, oven type, product weight and customer colour requirement. Ask for advice.

    Depositing guides: For a cup cake : 40g. For a Queencake: 60-80g. For a Unit or Lb Cake: 450g. For an 18’’ x 30’’ sheet for layercake/celebration cake work : 3.9kg. All are guides, adjust for optimum use.

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