• Traybakes, the perfect grab n go!

    Tray bakes

    Creating healthy options continues to dominate product development in the bakery sector, but despite the kaleidoscope of new health products with their label claims and marketing, the craving for classic indulgence will never wane. What can compare to a slice of cake, a square of shortbread or an oaty flapjack with a cup of tea?

    The classic traybake can offer bakers opportunities to create conveniently sized indulgences that meet the “grab n go” culture of today’s busy consumers. The smaller portion and convenience sit into the more health conscious consumer as they give themselves a little treat but without the guilt of buying a whole cake.

    But what can you do to make your tray bake slices jump off the shelf?

    Display, Display, Display

    Impulse-driven sales, come from decision-making principles invisible to the naked eye. So exactly how do you cash in on impulse spending? One of the most effective ways is to create show stopping displays that not only make it easy for the consumer to access the product but that send the right messages to the consumer…quickly.

    Operators who make the switch to open-front, easy-to-access grab-and-go display units instead of closed-door displays boost their bottom lines – some by as much as a 50 percent sales increase, according equipment provider Foodservice Equipment & Supplies.

    Key Messages to get across quickly:

    ~ Provenance - Let consumers know where the products are being made, are you using Irish ingredients? is it made fresh on site? Kells is one of Ireland’s only producers of blends for the bakery trade.

    ~ Sustainability- what products are produced sustainably? Using simple recyclable packaging such as brown paper can immediately evoke positive feeling that the supplier cares about the environment.

    ~ Packaging – Your main way to get across your message is through packaging, make it as unique and standout as possible.

    Innovate with flavour combinations

    Flavour combinations that whet the appetite can be that decision factor for a consumer on the go. How about..

    • Sticky Marshmallow & Chocolate Squares

    • Toffee and peanut triangles

    • Chocolate brownies with mixed berries

    • Lemon and cranberry cubes

    • Orange and raspberry

    The list is endless really, and with Kells range of cake blends, it makes it easy to mix and create different flavour combinations.

    See our range of cake mixes which are suitable for making traybakes:


    Our universal cake mix will give you a delicious moist eating cake. Like it’s name suggests it can be used for a wide range of cake products, it is a high quality blend that can hold fruit and requires less additions for the baker.


    This subtly flavoured fine textured plain cake is a deliciously moist blend. Ask our technical team for recipe suggestions to maximise the product range from this blend. PLAIN CRÈME CAKE

    Our crème cake blends make a delectably moist, moderately closed textured, lightly flavoured plain cake base. It has good volume and a clean fresh flavour which can be used to create a wide variety of products.


    A ginger flavoured general purpose cake blend, that produces a delightfully moist, light brown base with the moderately closed texture of Madeira or Genoese style.


    Our carrot cake blend has been praised by bakers and chefs as delivering an excellent quality moist carrot cake with an attractive spice flavour which compliments the flavour and texture of the fresh carrot.


    Our uniquely formulated cocoa powder blends are the cornerstone of this scrumptious chocolate cake mix. Chocolate lovers everywhere will love the dark chocolate colour and strong chocolate flavour which identifies this as a premium chocolate cake.


    This is a moist cake with an exotic banana flavour. Ideal for combining with toffee cake mix to create banoffi cake.


    Our farmhouse cake mix is popular not only for its delicious taste but also for its versatility.


    Our lemon crème cake mix produces a memorable taste experience. With its beautiful moist buttery lemon flavour interspersed with lemon flavoured pieces, this moderately closed textured cake delivers good volume and a clean fresh flavour.

    TOFFEE CRÈME CAKE Our toffee crème cake blend has an attractive light brown colour, delicious toffee flavour interspersed with soft toffee pieces.


    For a zesty bright orange flavoured cake interspersed with orange flavour pieces, our orange crème cake mix will deliver a delicious taste experience that delivers good volume, a clean fresh flavour and a moist moderately close textured cake.


    Our product development team have worked hard to develop a red velvet cake that has all the taste and colour one would expect from a red velvet but with a 100% natural product claim. Free from colours or preservatives, our red velvet cake delivers a finely textured cake, with a mild rounded chocolate flavour and a moderate ruby colour.


    Made with 100% spelt flour this blend makes an excellent quality lightly flavoured plain cake base. It is a moist and moderately close textured cake of a Madeira or Genoese style with the distinctive shorter eating quality that spelt flour brings.

    Decorate it!

    People are making a whole myriad of decisions in their mind quickly, one of the main triggers will be how the cake looks, how is it decorated? This is where a baker can really make an impact and get consumers to grab that slice. Use Millie’s Icing range, Kells Wholemeal range of icings and decorations to create that WOW effect.

    Our technical team is available to help you should you be interested in looking at flavour combinations or if you require any support. Please call us today if you want more information: 056 772 7399

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