Where it all began


A little bit about the Mill

Kells Wholemeal produce its flours in The Little Mill which is built on the River Nore in Bennettsbridge Co. Kilkenny. The foundations of the Mill reach deep under the river bed, foundations that have stood firm since 1501. The Little Mill is twinned with The Big Mill which was built in 1780, standing almost directly across the River from its smaller partner. Unusually the two mills were powered by the same water course, at the same location on the River. The river’s powerful water was redirected by means of a weir which feed the headraces of each mill driving water down onto the waterwheels to power the shafts and mechanics which lay inside the mill structures. In The Little Mill much of the original internal layout is still intact. The maze of wheels, belts and shafts that drive the mill stone are thought to have been installed pre-World War Two. The Mill buildings were fundamentally olden day factories. The Little Mill has been used to make many different products over its long life, grinding maize and flax, dressed seed for propagation by local farmers for harvest and sale to the Big Mill for milling into flour. Today, the Little Mill grinds wheat to make stoneground wholemeal which is sold to commercial bakeries and retail outlets.

Robert & Bill Mosse

Meet the Mosse’s

Thought to be of Norman origin the Mosses landed into Cork, Ireland after travelling across England. They subsequently travelled northward to Ballyragget in County Kilkenny and began to mill flour on the River Nore. A family feud or love, possibly both, brought the family further south of the River to Bennettsbridge where much of the family still reside today. While they started milling on arrival to Bennettsbridge seven generations ago and still continue today, the family have diversified into many trades over the years gaining recognition in hop farming, art, woodturning, pottery and baking. The Mosses affinity to the River Nore and Bennettsbridge is deeply engrained.

Why Kells?

Because we’re different

Kells is currently one of Ireland’s largest producers of blends for the bakery trade in Ireland. It is proud to be manufacturing blends specifically for the Irish market using only the very best ingredients. The family were one of the first to introduce blends to the trade and to consumers in Ireland with their Mosse’s Brown Bread Mix, and this tradition of innovation and expertise continues to this day.

“Consumers today demand the best. They also want to know where their food is coming from, so provenance is a key consideration when making their purchasing decisions. Kells Wholemeal is an Irish company, employing 32 people in the heart of rural Ireland. Alongside our heritage comes expertise and we hope that shows in all our products.” Robert Mosse With technical capability in-house and the expertise to deliver, Kells Wholemeal can tailor solutions specific to your company. Whether that’s in meeting a health claim, developing a specific blend from a scratch recipe or creating new product lines