Plain Muffin

Product code 3217

Our Kells muffin blend will deliver a plain light vanilla flavoured moist muffin. This convenient mix can be used to create a wide product range just by adding flavours or fillings.

MAKES Plain, chocolate chip, fruit flavoured including blueberry, apple and cinnamon, lemon injected or make your own combination.

CLAIMS: Natural flavour. No added colour. Add vegetable oil and water

Wholemeal Muffin

Product code 3225

A healthy alternative to the traditional muffin, this 100% wholemeal muffin has a distinctively nutty flavour and aroma which comes from our unique stoneground flour blend.

MAKES: A range of wholemeal cake muffin products, plain or fruit.

CLAIMS: 100% wholemeal flour. No added preservatives. No added colour or flavour. Add vegetable oil and water

Chocolate Muffin

Product code 3203

For chocolate lovers, this rich blend is sure to deliver! This muffin has a moist texture and deep chocolatey taste.

MAKES: A wide range of muffin products, plain, chocolate chip, fruit flavoured including black cherry, apple and cinnamon and lemon.

CLAIMS: No added colour or flavouring - all colour from added cocoa. Add vegetable oil and water