Fillings & Custards


Bring your confectionery to life with our delicious range of high quality bake stable Aldia fruit fillings and jams for use either as a baked or unbaked filling.

Black Cherry Fruit Filling PRODUCT CODE 6209

Blueberry Fruit Filling PRODUCT CODE 6210

Lemon Cream Filling PRODUCT CODE 6212

Raspberry Fruit Filling PRODUCT CODE 6214

Strawberry Fruit Filling PRODUCT CODE 6215

Apple Fruit Filling PRODUCT CODE 6217

Strawberry Baking Jam PRODUCT CODE 6229

Apricot Baking Jam PRODUCT CODE 6230

Kells Cold Set Bakery Custard

Product code 3205

This convenient and delicious cold custard blend has a sweet, mild vanilla flavour and light yellow colour. This quick setting cold custard can also make custard slices or gateaux layer filling.

Suitable for baking in Danish pastry.

CLAIMS: Natural colour and flavour. No added preservatives. Add water

Sweetwhip Long Life Non-Dairy Cream

Product code 6113

A non-dairy cream in a long life UHT pack that whips up just like fresh dairy cream. Sweet to taste. Used as an alternative to real dairy cream. Use to enrich instant bakers custard for custard slices by replacing half of the water normally added with Sweetwhip.