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Photo Cake Printer

PHOTO CAKE PRINTER Personalised cakes and decorations are more popular than ever, with birthday cakes and celebration cakes being customised with edible photos from children’s heroes to anniversary pictures. Providing a photo cake service can attract new business and potentially increase profits.

Ask our sales team for more information on our photo cake printers.

Photo Cake Printer Package

To begin creating photo cakes requires edible inks, edible cartridges, a dedicated printer and edible sugar sheets. Call us now to find out how you can offer this exciting service to your customers.

Why not try our starter pack! Everything you need to start cake photo printing

24 Sugar Sheets Set of Edible Ink Canon IX6850 Printer USB Lead 1 X 12.5Kg Bag Kells Madiera Cake Mix Delivery and Installation €375.00

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Ready to Roll Icings

COVA Paste White 5KG COVA Paste Ivory 5KG

Covering Pastes

Product code 6239/6240

White Covering Paste PRODUCT CODE 6239 Ivory Covering Paste PRODUCT CODE 6240

Millies Buttercream Style Icing Range

Millie’s is the Kells range of delicious buttercream icings. Ask our sales team for details on our deliciously decadent buttercream icings. The rich creamy consistency means it is possible to spread or pipe. It can be used as a basic cream layer or as a sophisticated surface decoration ‘buttercream’.

Chocolate Flavour Buttercream Style Icing Vanilla Flavour Buttercream Style Icing Butterscotch Flavour Buttercream Style Icing New York Style Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Buttercream Style Icing

Cases & Accessories

Cupcake Cases – range of colours available Coloured Tulip Cases – range of colours available Cupcake Boxes Cakes Boards