A choice of classic Irish soda breads from Kells

Feb 10, 2020

Ireland is famous for soda bread and Kells offer a choice of eight different soda bread blends. We have seven generations of milling and bakery knowledge and expertise, so you can be confident that all our flours and blends really deliver. The whole range is preservative and yeast free and includes the following blends:

3004 Hi Fibre Oatie Soda
This versatile blend can be made into brown soda bread or fruited soda bread. It contains oat flour, oat flakes and oat bran to give it a distinctive flavour and a slightly denser texture than wheat soda bread.

3003 Hi Fibre Brown Soda
Choose this popular blend for a delicious, traditional brown soda bread. Coarse bran pieces add extra texture and as well as being high in fibre has no added sugar.

3008 Millers Munch Soda Bread
Made with flours milled in Kells’ traditional stone grinding mill, this high fibre blend has a distinctly nutty flavour, combined with a moistness and slight sweetness.

3009 Nore Soda Bread
Named after the river where our mill is located, our Nore soda bread blend makes a high-quality brown soda bread that is a traditional favourite in Ireland. It can also be used to make fruited soda or seeded soda loaves.

We also offer four more soda bread blends:
3002 Dark Buttermilk Soda Bread
3005 Soda Bread Concentrate
3010 Premium White Soda Bread
3026 Skinny Nore Soda Bread

For more information on our soda bread blends and details of our flours suitable for making soda bread, just ask Kells. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.