An afternoon treat for Mothering Sunday

Mar 16, 2020

Beautiful cakes are a popular choice on Mother’s Day and at Kells, we can help you to create a range of delicious cakes that everyone will be proud to serve.

The Kells Crème Cake blends offer an exceptional selection of fantastic flavoured cakes including Lemon, Chocolate, Coffee, Elderflower and Raspberry and Cream to allow you to make your own fabulous cakes that you can decorate as simply or as elaborately as you choose.

Kells’ range also includes the 3206 Kells Complete Sponge and 3213 Kells Sponge Blend which deliver a lighter sponge cake and can be decorated with fresh cream and fruits.

If you’re planning to create a more elaborately decorated cake, the 3212 Genoese style cake blend gives a very strong and robust crumb that doesn’t crumble on cutting, making it ideal for specialist celebration cake work.

Whatever the occasion, Kells has a wide range to choose from and can make any type of cake achievable and profitable.

To help you build your range of cakes, just ask Kells for details or follow us on LinkedIn.