Aug 29, 2019



As the kids go back to school, there is plenty to think about – school uniform, books, the school run and food to keep them going throughout the day! With attention surrounding school meals still being potentially unhealthy, this is a great time for bakers to make a positive contribution to the nutritional health of growing children and set them up for a busy school day, or as part of a nutritious lunch.

At Kells, we have two products that can be used to make bread that offers the following health claim:

…contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and the maintenance of normal bones

These products include:


3910 Kells White Powerflour Bread Blend


Slimbo style slices made with 3911 Kells Wholemeal Powerflour Bread Blend high protein and fibre


3911 Kells Wholemeal Powerflour Bread Blend


Range of breads made with 3910 Kells White Powerflour Bread Blend


Both blends make yeasted bread, flatbreads and batched rolls that are high in protein and with a fibre claim that can provide an immediate way for a baker to offer a range of white and wholemeal high protein breads that taste great.  

Packed full of protein, the blends only use natural sources of plant protein including sprouted soya, sprouted flaxseed, sprouted pea, sprouted lentil and rice and wheat proteins.

A typical slice of bread (40g) made from these blends contains over 5g of protein. In a sandwich made with two sandwich pan slices there is over 10g of natural plant-based protein, which is over 20% of the daily protein requirement for an adult before you add the sandwich filling.

With no added sugar and vegan friendly, these blends can help bakers provide great tasting premium bread that is extra nutritious.  

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