Make soda bread a festive treat this party season

Make soda bread a festive treat this party season

As Christmas and New Year rapidly approaches, many bakers would have finalised plans for their seasonal cakes and sweet treats, but in the next few weeks as the party season is in full swing, why not look at a few ideas to extend the options for customers with the ever popular Kells Nore Soda Bread blend. You can create:

  1. Cheese and onion soda bread
  2. Mixed pepper, tomato and cheese mini breads
  3. Cheese and bacon breads

This blend allows you to make a full loaf that can be sliced and served on Christmas day or smaller ‘rock cake’ sizes to split and fill and use as a new twist for party food.

Simple and easy variations allow for exciting new premium savoury options for your customers.

3009 Kells Nore Soda Blend

Just ask Kells for details.

Porter cake, an Irish classic for a special occasion

Porter cake, an Irish classic for a special occasion

At this time of year, when family and friends get together to celebrate, why not offer your customers a well-known traditional Irish cake? It’s the perfect opportunity to share this classic Irish treat.

Porter cake is a moderately fruited celebration cake enriched with spices, treacle and porter or stout and is very much a traditional Irish flour confection for special occasions.

3207 Kells Farmhouse Cake Blend makes an excellent Porter cake regardless of the size of cake you want to make, from individual unit cakes to large slab or celebration cakes.

The same Kells blend can also be used to make a fabulous Christmas cake for traditional use, or for slab cakes and tray bakes.

Just ask Kells for details.s.

Consumers expect the brands they support to be socially responsible

Consumers expect the brands they support to be socially responsible

According to a new survey released by Markstein and Certus Insights, 70% of consumers want to know what their favourite brands are doing to address social and environmental issues and 46% pay close attention to a brand’s social responsibility efforts when they buying a product.

While consumers are paying attention, they are also skeptical of corporate motivations. Almost three-quarters agree that when big corporations donate to charities and help with community projects, they are doing it to make themselves look good rather than to help people in need. Consumers are not always willing to take companies at their word when they say they are socially responsible, with only 9% saying they believe corporate claims about social responsibility “all the time” and another 67% believing them “some of the time”.

“When it comes to social responsibility, consumers are looking for brands to show them – not just tell them – what they’re doing,” said Sheila McLean, president of Markstein, mid-Atlantic. “Navigating these expectations is not easy. Brands need a much deeper understanding of their customers’ values as they chart their own social responsibility course. They need to demonstrate real impact over time.”

The survey found generational differences, with millennials more likely to say the companies they do business with should support environmental initiatives, even if it means raising prices (44% of millennials versus 28% of generation x and 35% of baby boomers).

“Millennials continue to be more focused on social and environmental issues than younger and older consumers,” McLean said. “Millennial values will become more and more important as their purchasing power grows. By next year, millennials will represent 30% of all retail sales – an estimated $1.4 trillion a year.”

At Kells, environmental sustainability isn’t just a trend, but something we take seriously as it is the way the mill has worked for over 6 generations of the Mosse family. Things like working with local farmers growing heritage cereals or working with local grain merchants to buy Irish wheat for our stoneground wholemeal flours is not only more sustainable and ethical, but it is how we’ve always operated, and it makes good business sense too.

Are plant-based alternatives healthier than meat?

Are plant-based alternatives healthier than meat?

Diets high in red and processed meat have been linked to a range of health problems, leading many consumers to choose more plant-based alternatives. But are vegetarian burgers, sausages and nuggets really a healthier option?

Diets high in red and processed meat have been linked to a range of health problems, leading many consumers to choose more plant-based alternatives. But are vegetarian burgers, sausages and nuggets really a healthier option?

A new generation of plant-based meat alternatives have entered the market with the aim of mimicking meat as closely as possible. Their manufacturers often promote them as a simple way of avoiding high levels of meat consumption for the sake of the environment and for human health. However, a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) warns against promoting the well-documented positive health effects of a vegetarian diet in relation to alternative meat products.

Vegetarian burgers and meat-based burgers are both comparable when it comes to calories and protein, with vegetarian burgers being lower in total and saturated fats. This doesn’t mean that they are totally better for you though, as in comparison to meat-based burgers, they are higher in sodium.

As the authors of the JAMA article suggest, it is important to consider dietary context when eating a well-balanced diet, which doesn’t mean you need to completely replace meat with plant-based alternatives and vice versa. Foods such as meat alternatives can sometimes lack nutrients leading to a lower overall diet quality and nutritious protein sources such as nuts, seeds, legumes and pulses, don’t have to be just for plant-based eaters as they provide excellent nutrients for meat eaters.

Recently, plant-based meat alternatives have also come under fire for their long ingredients lists. Some had assumed that meat alternatives were exempt from the clean label trend, as they tended to contain a lot of ingredients, including thickeners, preservatives, flavourings, oils or hydrocolloids that most consumers would not recognise. The theory was that consumers of such products tended to place more importance on animal welfare than on natural ingredients. However, according to Mintel, pulses and recognisable vegetable ingredients like pea protein, kale, spinach and beans are gaining in popularity.

Market research has shown that taste is still top priority for consumers of meat alternatives, but health is also an important factor, particularly among younger consumers of plant-based proteins.

Responding to the growing demand, suppliers of alternative proteins, including Roquette, Cargill and Valio, have been investing in new production lines and facilities. According to Eurostat figures, the land area used to grow pulses in the European Union has increased by 65% from 2013 to 2015.

There is no question that the move toward meat alternatives has become a major food trend. But whatever reasons consumers give for their choices, manufacturers must bear in mind other trends in the industry if they aim to stay relevant, including those for clean label ingredients, reduced salt and saturated fat.

At Kells, we have developed two high protein bread blends where all the protein comes from cereal/pulse sources. This allows consumers to boost their protein intake without having to rely on traditional but less environmentally sustainable meat and dairy sources. These establishedblends allow our customers to make great tasting bread for consumers, that has the added advantage of an increased protein content and no additional additives or saturated fat compared to regular bread. By choosing this bread for everyday use for sandwiches and toast for example, consumers can reduce their consumption of other types of protein.

3910 Kells Powerflour White Bread Blend

3911 Kells Powerflour Wholemeal Bread Blend

The protein which gives both blends their high protein status comes from a sprouted milled seed blend made from sprouted soya, sprouted flaxseed, apple fibre, sprouted pea, sprouted lentil, wheat and also, in the case of the white blend, rice protein.

A two slice (80g) serving of our protein bread provides over one fifth of the daily protein requirement for a normal adult on 2,000 calories*.

*According to EU Regulation 1169_2011 the RDI of protein for an adult is 50g.

As well as boosting protein intake, both these breads can also help in the growth and maintenance of muscle and bone health.

Cork Baking & Chocolate Show 2019

Cork Baking & Chocolate Show 2019

Come and join Kells at the Cork Baking & Chocolate Show this weekend (23rd-24th November) where we’ll be exhibiting our delicious range of cake blends.


The Cork Baking & Chocolate Show brings together world-renowned bakers and chocolatiers to showcase all things sweet and we can’t wait to see you there.

With Christmas just around the corner, we will be showing just how versatile our all year-round cake blends can be, such as our renowned Farmhouse Cake that makes a moorish light fruit cake, a porter cake or even a Christmas cake – from just one blend! And don’t worry – we’ll make sure there’s plenty for you to try throughout the weekend. 

We will also be showing you just how easy it is to shop with Kells, following the launch of our online shop earlier this year.  Perfect if you are planning any festive baking!  

If you can’t make the show but would like to know more about Kells and our extensive offering (that doesn’t just include cakes!) then do get in touch. We work in partnership with our clients, which include food service customers, cake specialists and, of course, bakers. 

To find out more please visit our website or connect with us on LinkedIn

Gulfood Manufacturing Show 2019

Gulfood Manufacturing Show 2019

For the first time, Kells are exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai (29-31 st October) – so if you are there, do come and see us – we are on stand S-B60.

 For those of you who don’t know Gulfood, it is the largest food and beverage processing and packaging show in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and we are looking forward to not only showcasing some of our most popular products, but also to see what is on offer from around the world.

On the Kells stand will be exhibiting our Cake, Bread, Scone and Donut blends, as well as our Reduced Sugar Cake Blend. These have been chosen to demonstrate the overall  quality and versatility of the Kells range as well as our innovative approach. For example, our Crème Cake blends can be used to make slabs for layer cakes, tray bake sheets, unit cakes, individual cakes or muffins and the very versatile ‘no time dough’ Sydney Donuts, which deliver premium quality, yeasted donuts with excellent shelf life. And of course, no Kells stand would be complete without our flagship traditional Irish Soda Bread that continues to be one of our best sellers at home and abroad.

If you can’t make the show but would like to know more about Kells and what we can offer – whether that’s meeting a health claim, developing a specific blend from scratch or creating new product lines – then please do get in touch. We work in partnership with our clients, which include food service customers, cake specialists and, of course, bakers.

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