Enjoy bread as part of a healthy, balanced diet

Jan 14, 2020

Whether it is a New Year resolution to eat more healthily or a desire to lose a few pounds picked up over the holidays, many people change their usual eating habits at this time of year. Sometimes people cut out bread from their diet, mistakenly thinking eating less bread is a healthy choice. However, bread is low in fat and sugar and experts recommend following a balanced diet, with one third of our food coming from starchy carbohydrate foods like bread, as well as eating lots of fruit and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and doing regular exercise.

Most people don’t eat enough fibre and all bread is a source of this. Advice from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland in their publication ‘Advice for Health Professionals and Health Educators on Healthy Eating and Active Living in Ireland’ and the ‘Healthy Ireland Food Pyramid’ identifies that fibre-rich breads have an important part to play in a healthy, balanced diet. Wholemeal and wholegrain breads, especially, are not only a source of energy, but a good source of fibre.
Kells stock a range of blends that carry a fibre claim:

3003Kells Hi Fibre Brown Soda BlendHi fibre
3008Kells Millers Munch Soda Bread BlendHi fibre
3009Kells Nore Soda Bread BlendFibre bread or Source of fibre
3910Kells White Power Flour BreadFibre bread or Source of fibre
3911Kells Wholemeal Power Flour BreadHi fibre


In addition to being sources of fibre, some Kells blends are also high in protein, for maintaining bone health and muscle mass:

3910 Kells White Power Flour Blend

3911 Kells Wholemeal Power Flour Bread Blend

All these Kells bread blends are easy to use and make great tasting loaves that can be used to make sandwiches or toast as well as rolls and flatbreads.

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