Sep 19, 2019


As we approach Halloween, Barm Brack, a traditional Irish fruited yeasted bread, will once again be in high demand. 


Many bakers in Ireland (and even beyond) will have their own tried and tested recipes, which are often passed from generation to generation. At Kells, we have found that our 3901 Kells Bap Mix is the perfect base for a quality Barm Brack recipe. If you already make yeasted breads, using our recipe and blend can make the process easier.

Just add some shortening and gluten (available from Kells) as well as spice, fruit, yeast and water to produce a tasty Barm Brack… you might even want to add some of the traditional ‘surprises’ like the ring or coin, but we’ll leave that down to you!

Our mix provides bakers with a convenient and reliable way of making this seasonal treat quickly without having to buy in seasonal ingredients.

3901 Kells Bap Mix

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