Kells Sydney Doughnut Blend

May 14, 2019

Over the past few years, doughnuts (or donuts!) have made a comeback with the opening of many stores, from multinational to local independent, solely dedicated to the humble but delicious doughnut. Combined with that and specific to us here in Europe, the range of decorated doughnuts available in general retailers and convenience stores, motorway and petrol filling station chains has risen significantly.  

We still have a long way to go to achieve the market presence that we see in North America, that accounts for 48% of global sales, but growth in Europe, Middle East and Africa is projected for over 5% per annum.  

With yeasted doughnuts driving the growth, Kells has developed a brand-new Sydney doughnut blend that delivers premium quality, yeasted doughnuts.

3811 Kells Sydney Doughnut Mix

A complete blend, the baker simply adds yeast and water to make a light, soft doughnut coming out of a fryer within 1 hour of mixing! This new blend can be moulded for a filled doughnut – ‘Berliner’ style or can be sheeted and cut for yeast raised ring doughnuts with an icing finish.

The advantages of our new blend include:

  • Easy and rapid processing
  • Sheet and cut OR mould
  • Excellent volume and light eating doughnut
  • Suits both artisan bakery work and industrial plant doughnut making
  • Multiple finishes possible (iced/sugared/glazed)
  • Low oil uptake…no greasy doughnuts!
  • No post-fry ‘fallback’
  • Minimal surface wrinkling
  • Excellent shelf life softness (5 days softness in prepacked doughnuts)