Make soda bread a festive treat this party season

Nov 21, 2019

As Christmas and New Year rapidly approaches, many bakers would have finalised plans for their seasonal cakes and sweet treats, but in the next few weeks as the party season is in full swing, why not look at a few ideas to extend the options for customers with the ever popular Kells Nore Soda Bread blend. You can create:

  1. Cheese and onion soda bread
  2. Mixed pepper, tomato and cheese mini breads
  3. Cheese and bacon breads

This blend allows you to make a full loaf that can be sliced and served on Christmas day or smaller ‘rock cake’ sizes to split and fill and use as a new twist for party food.

Simple and easy variations allow for exciting new premium savoury options for your customers.

3009 Kells Nore Soda Blend

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