We have a wide range of decoration and finishing products to deliver that special creative touch, from icings and fillings to chocolate and natural colours, as well as milk and egg products and dried sourdoughs.


Decoration and Finishing
Photo Cake Printer

Birthday and celebration cakes can be customised with edible photos of everything from family memories to children’s heroes. The Canon 1X6850 printer comes with 24 sugar sheets, a set of edible ink and a Kells Madeira Cake Mix. Ask our sales team for more information.


Edible Ink & Sugar Sheets

We supply edible ink and sugar sheets for use with the photo printer.


Ready to Roll Icings

We offer COVA Paste in White or Ivory.


Ready to Roll Coloured Icings

We stock a range of coloured ready to roll icings in green, black, red, brown, hot pink, baby pink and blue.

Finishing Sugar

Product code 3208

Our fine white sugar powder does not absorb moisture and is used as a sugar decoration for bakery products such as doughnuts, tarts and sponge products.

Size: 12.5kg bag


Icing Sugar

Product code 6500

This is a very fine powdered white sugar for use in icing recipes and as a sugar dusting.

Size: 25kg bag


Sugar Pearls

Product code 6725

Used as a top decoration on bakery products, mainly muffins and cakes, this coarse grain sugar has the effect of controlling the ‘burst’ on a cake during expansion of raising agents on baking.

Size: 5kg bag


Caster sugar

Product code 7016

Size: 25kg bag


Light brown sugar

Product code 7060

Size: 25kg bag

Fillings & Custards

Our delicious range of high-quality Aldia fruit fillings and jams for use either as a baked or unbaked filling will bring your confectionery to life. The fruit fillings are available in 2.7kg tins and the jams in 1.3kg jars.


Black Cherry Fruit Filling

Product code 6209


Blueberry Fruit Filling

Product code 6210


Lemon Cream Filling

Product code 6212


Raspberry Fruit Filling

Product code 6214


Strawberry Fruit Filling

Product code 6215


Apple Fruit Filling

Product code 6217


Strawberry Baking Jam

Product code 6229


Apricot Baking Jam

Product code 6230


Kells Cold Set Bakery Custard

Product code 3205

Our delicious cold custard blend has a sweet, mild vanilla flavour and light yellow colour. Quick setting, it can also be used to make custard slices, gateaux layer filling or for a Danish pastry. Just add water. Natural colour and flavour. No added preservatives.

Size: 12.5kg bag


Sweet whip Long Life Non-Dairy Cream

Product code 6113

Our non-dairy, sweet-tasting cream comes in a long life UHT pack and whips up just like fresh dairy cream. Use to enhance baker’s custard.

Size: 12x 1 litre packs

French Improver – par bake

Product code 7042

Size: 25kg


Dried Gluten

Product code 7045

Size: 25kg

Milk and Egg Products
Protein 21 Milk Powder

Product code 7099

Size: 25kg


Buttermilk Powder

Product code 7011

Size: 25kg


Whey Powder

Product code 7146

Size: 25kg


Kells Milk Powder Replacer

Product code 4203

Size: 20kg


Skimmed Milk Powder

Product code 7115

Size: 25kg


Whole Egg Powder

Product code 7038

Size: 25kg


Dried Sourdoughs
Bocker M-Dried Natural Wheat Sour

Product code 7166

Size: 25kg


Bocker 350-Dried Natural Rye Sour

Product code 7162

Size: 25kg

Dextrose Monohydrate

Product code 7034

Size: 25kg



Product code 6106

Size: 12.5kg


Calcium Propionate

Product code 7012

Size: 25kg


Anti-Mould Agent

Product code 4200

Size: 12.5kg



Product code 7106

Size: 25kg