Kells White Spelt Flour (12.5kg)

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A quality general purpose Austrian white spelt flour suitable for pastry, cake, scones, soda bread, and fermented bread. An Austrian roller milled flour using European spelt cereal, packed in Ireland.

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Ingredients: Spelt Flour (plain)
Allergens: Wheat (Spelt), Gluten. Packed in a premises that also handles wheat, egg and milk products and soya.
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Suitable for Vegans: Yes

Additional information

Weight12.5 kg
Nutritional Information

Nutrition information typical values per 100 g as supplied by Kells Energy: 1391 kJ/ 332 kcal Fat: 1.5 g Saturates: 0.2 g Carbohydrate: 69 g Sugar: 0.5 g Protein*: 13.6 g Sodium: 0.003 g (Trace) Dietary fibre: 4.1 g The nutritive values depend on in natural products common fluctuations *Note the protein values relate to total protein for nutrition and should not be taken as an indication of gluten quality.

Shelf Life

Kells does its best to deliver flours with a long a ‘best before’ life as possible. The actual best before on a flour can vary depending on when the flour was milled before the order was placed. Kells guarantees at least 1/3rd of the full best before shelf life of a flour given at the time of milling. To find out more about the minimum best before shelf life you can expect on flours from this webshop and what the ‘best before’ actually means please open our ‘Questions Answered Here’ section at the bottom of each shop page ( ). Normally Kells supply flours with a ‘best before’ life far longer than the minimum guaranteed.

4 reviews for Kells White Spelt Flour (12.5kg)

  1. Ed Smith (verified owner)

    A lovely flour. I’ve been using for all sorts: Pizza dough, sourdough and cookies (nice protein content so you get lovely chewy texture in cookies). Performs really well in a sourdough; I had to reduce my hydration by around 20% though. My next order will be for Marriages Uppermost to practice higher hydration loaves but I will definitely return to this flour. Beautiful flavour and local poroduct

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Ed,
      Thanks for your feedback, of use to all the bakers out there looking for an independent opinion. You might like to try T55 Tradition French Flour, will take more hydration 9not as much as uppermost though) and more experienced sour dough bakers like it…see its reviews. Happy baking from all at the Kell Team.

  2. Paulina (verified owner)

    Very good quality flour! The sourdough bread that I made is absolutely delicious

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Paulina,
      Thanks for your comment. Independent feedback like yours is so helpful to other bakers who are not as familiar with our products. Happy baking, from all at the Kells Team

  3. Andrew Walsh (verified owner)

    This flour is very versatile, I use it for cakes, pastry, pasta, sourdough soda bread and cookies.
    Love the flavor and texture. I purchase the white and wholemeal flours regularly.
    Andrew Walsh

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Andrew, Thank you for your review. It is independent feedback like yours that is so helpful to other customers in deciding what products from our range might suit them best. Happy baking from all in the Kells Team

  4. Georgina Moloney (verified owner)

    I make loaves of bread, cakes and just finished a batch of buns! This flour is the only one I use and I have found it to be very versatile, I only do dairy free baking and this flour works well with dairy alternatives.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Georgina,
      Many thanks for your review of our very popular Kells White Spelt Flour. It is thanks to independent reviews like yours that other bakers with less experience of our flours than you, can get reassurance before their first purchase. Happy baking from all the Kells team

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