Marriages Golden Crust Strong Flour (16kg)

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A very popular premium quality white breadmaking flour. Containing ascorbic acid, it can be used for both ‘no time’ and short fermentation processes. With a protein content of 11.5 – 12.5%, it’s suitable for tinned breads, oven bottom or sole baked crusty breads, French sticks, rolls, morning goods, puff pastry and soda breads.


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Ingredient Declaration: Fortified Wheat Flour (Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Flour Treatment Agent: Ascorbic Acid (E300).Flour is produced so as to comply with the requirements of the Food safety Act. (EC) No 1169/2011, Calcium carbonate purity meets the criteria under (EU) No 231/2012
Allergen information: Contains cereals containing gluten (wheat).
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Suitable for Vegans: Yes

Additional information

Weight16 kg
Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g of product supplied by Kells Energy : 349kcal / 1481kj Fat : 1.3g (of which saturates) : 0.3g Carbohydrate : 72.4g (of which sugars) : 2.3 Fibre : 2.9g Protein * : 13.4 Salt : Trace *Note the protein values relate to total protein for nutrition and should not be taken as an indication of gluten quality.

Shelf Life

Kells does its best to deliver flours with a long a ‘best before’ life as possible. The actual best before on a flour can vary depending on when the flour was milled before the order was placed. Kells guarantees at least 1/3rd of the full best before shelf life of a flour given at the time of milling. To find out more about the minimum best before shelf life you can expect on flours from this webshop and what the ‘best before’ actually means please open our ‘Questions Answered Here’ section at the bottom of each shop page ( ). Normally Kells supply flours with a ‘best before’ life far longer than the minimum guaranteed.

9 reviews for Marriages Golden Crust Strong Flour (16kg)

  1. Tommy (verified owner)

    I purchased this at the start of lockdown and it got us through the 6 months with great sourdough loaves every week, thanks so much! I found this flour produced great results.

    • Shop Manager

      Thanks for the feedback Tommy, very useful to other homebakers. Happy Baking from all in the Kells Team !

  2. French customer (verified owner)

    Wonderful product ! I’ve started using it during lockdown for our daily bread. Fantastic.

    • Shop Manager

      Thank you for your comment. Independent feedback like yours is so helpful to other bakers who may be new to our range of products. Happy baking, from all at Kells.

  3. Imogen McGuinness (verified owner)

    Makes great bread, pizza dough, biscuits and cakes. Truly versatile.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Imogen,
      Thanks for the feedback. Independent feedback like yours is very helpful to other bakers less familiar with our flours. Thanks for taking the time to give this comment. Happy baking from all on the Kells team.

  4. Denis Bates (verified owner)

    Excellent flour which I discovered in desperation during the first lockdown when shop shelves were bare of strong flour. Mixes well, kneads well and the aroma when freshly baked is marvellous.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Denis, Thank you for the valuable feedback. Independent comments like yours are so helpful to bakers not as familiar with our range of bakery ingredients. Happy baking from all at the Kells Team

  5. Ilze Merkele (verified owner)

    I buy this flour and recommend and will buy it. I make great crispy white bread from it.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Ilze, thank you for your comment. Independent feedback like yours is so helpful to bakers who are not as familiar with our products as your are. Happy baking from the Kells team.

  6. Linda O’Neill (verified owner)

    Been using this flour a couple of years now gives fantastic consistent results from my Panasonic bread machine.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Linda, Many thanks for your review. Independent feedback such as yours is so useful to other bakers who may not be as familiar with our product range. Happy baking from all at the Kells team.

  7. Mary

    Just wondering if you can share recipes for using this flour please? If possible, do you have recipes for both machine and hand shaped loaves.
    I’ve just used your Marriages strong white in my bread machine and had great result first time.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your email and comment. If you would like to get recipes for using Marriages flours please use the following link : Remember Marriages Golden Crust is a strong bread flour. Happy baking from all on the Kells Team.

  8. Paul (verified owner)

    Great flour. Works really well in a bread making machine. To be honest the bread is almost too nice and fluffy, we end up eating too much!

    • Shop Manager

      Thanks for your review Paul and glad you liked our flour. Independent reviews like yours are so helpful for bakers nota as familiar with our products. Happy baking from all at Kells

  9. Lynne (verified owner)

    So glad to have found this flour – all round winner. Makes great sourdough and foccacia and its really good in the bread machine.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Lynne, Many thanks for your comment on our Marriages Golden Crust Flour. It is independent feedback like yours that is so valuable to new customers who may be unsure what flour to select. Happy baking from all the team at Kells.

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