Marriages Uppermost Strong Flour (16kg)

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This very white breadmaking flour is free from ascorbic acid making it suitable for long and short fermentation times. Containing a high proportion of Canadian wheat with a protein content of 12.5 – 13.5%, it’s suitable for tinned bread, oven bottom breads, ciabatta, French sticks and rolls. It is particularly designed for long fermentation processes with yeast or natural sours. Can also be used as a strong flour in soda bread. Suitable for making Danish pastry, puff pastry and choux pastry.



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Ingredient Declaration: Fortified Wheat Flour (Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin).Flour is produced so as to comply with the requirements of the Food safety Act. (EC) No 1169/2011, Calcium carbonate purity meets the criteria under (EU) No 231/2012
Allergen information: Contains cereals containing gluten (wheat).
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Suitable for Vegans: Yes

Additional information

Weight16 kg
Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g of the product supplied by Kells or The Little Mill Energy: 349kcal/1481kj Fat: 1.3g (of which saturates): 0.3g Carbohydrate: 72.4g (of which sugars): 2.3g Fibre: 2.9g Protein*: 13.4g Salt: Trace *Note the protein values relate to total protein for nutrition and should not be taken as an indication of gluten quality.

Shelf Life

Kells does its best to deliver flours with a long a ‘best before’ life as possible. The actual best before on a flour can vary depending on when the flour was milled before the order was placed. Kells guarantees at least 1/3rd of the full best before shelf life of a flour given at the time of milling. To find out more about the minimum best before shelf life you can expect on flours from this webshop and what the ‘best before’ actually means please open our ‘Questions Answered Here’ section at the bottom of each shop page ( ). Normally Kells supply flours with a ‘best before’ life far longer than the minimum guaranteed.

22 reviews for Marriages Uppermost Strong Flour (16kg)

  1. Stephen (verified owner)

    Great versatile flour. Used for sourdoughs and soda farls/bread.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Stephen, Thanks for the helpful comments, that I am sure will be of use to many home bakers and commercial bakers alike. Happy baking from all in the Kells team

  2. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for sourdough and bread-machine loaves over the past few months. It ferments quite quickly – even with sourdough which is really handy. Combines well with other flours and ancillary ingredients. Delicious flavour and great crust. Decent value too.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Jonathan, Thanks for the feedback, helpful for all those bakers thinking about a flour to begin making sourdough with. From all in the Kells Team.

  3. DG (verified owner)

    I previously used Marriages Very Strong flour for baking sourdough. It was brilliant but I prefer uppermost as it’s slightly more versatile. It’s worked great for making sourdough, pizza, naan and soda. And thank you Kells for not overpricing your flour during the pandemic, unlike many less scrupulous vendors.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Declan, Thanks for your guidance, it is helpful for other bakers who may be considering trying sourdough for the first time. We would recommend Marriages Uppermost for sour dough, also Marriages Golden Crust is an excellent general purpose strong bread flour. Happy baking from all in the Kells team.

  4. Yvonne Ruane

    I came to use you marriages uppermost flour during the pandemic, I am a home baker & finding this flour a joy to use, I use it for white yeast bread , brown soda bread & scones. I will be using it from now on ,
    Yvonne- Galway city
    Ps: the order time to delivery was beyond excellent.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Yvonne,
      Yes Marriages Uppermost is an excellent breadmaking flour. We are proud of all the flours we sell, Marriages from England , Moulin Soufflet from France and of course our own Kells and The Little Mill flours milled here in Bennettsbridge. Thanks for your comment. All in the Kells Team.

  5. Maighréad Mc Gonagle (verified owner)

    I ordered this flour during the lockdown.It was delivered the next day, which I appreciate. It is a beautiful flour . I use it for sourdough, often mixed with Malted grain flour from Kells. Congratulations on your informative website too.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Maighread, thank you for your kind words. As a company we do our best to assist all customers, large and small, to get the best for their baking needs. Happy baking, from all in the Kells Team.

  6. Noel O’Flaherty (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Marriages uppermost for the last 4 months and it’s a wonderful flour. Very easy to work with and makes a beautiful sourdough loaf or sourdough baguettes. Also works really well in pizza dough. As for the website and the products you offer – really top notch. You’ve been a godsend during the lockdown!

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Noel,
      Thanks for your comments and recommendations. They are useful to other bakers be they home bakers or commercial bakers. All our flours, The Little Mill, Kells, Soufflet and Marriages are selected as the best in their category. Happy baking from all at Kells

  7. Sarah (verified owner)

    We ordered from Kells during lockdown. They were great in tracking our order and making sure our flour arrived. The flavour from the flour was amazing – no going back to supermarket flour now!

    • Shop Manager

      Thank you for your comments Sarah.

  8. Mark (verified owner)

    I’ve gone through 2 bags of this over the last 6 months. Really good flour for sourdough and for pizza. Great customer service from Kells also. I’d be lost without them.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Mark, Thanks for the comment, and we are glad that the flour is working so well for you. Happy baking, from all at the Kells Team.

  9. Eoin (verified owner)

    I second the comments above. I got into baking bread during the pandemic when flour could not be sourced anywhere locally. I found Kells to be top class and very good value. This flour blend is top notch too. Have been baking great sourdough with it.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Eoin, Thanks for the comment, I will share with the rest of the team at Kells.

  10. Colm (verified owner)

    Super flour. I use it for sourdough pizza bases and various shaped loaves. Dough is silky smooth and fantastic to work with. Service from Kells always great too. Thank you.

    • Shop Manager

      Thanks for the comment Colm, helpful for other home bakers to have an independent assessment. Happy baking! From all at Kells.

  11. Veronica (verified owner)

    I am another baker who found you during the great flour shortage of 2020. I found this to be a very versatile flour. It’s perfect for sourdough, the bread and pizza I’ve been making have been delicious. But I’ve also had great success with the pasta, pastry and buns I’ve made from it too. Which is why I’m back for more – thanks Kells!

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Veronica, thanks for your feedback. Independent observations such as yours is invaluable to many of our bakery ingredient customers who may not be quite as experienced or familiar as you are with this flour. Happy baking, from all at the Kells team.

  12. Niall (verified owner)

    Excellent flour. Used it for sourdough, pizza dough and brioche. Fast delivery too. Thanks!

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Niall, Thanks for your review. Independent customer reviews like yours are so helpful for many first time visitors to our online store. Happy baking from all at the Kells Team.

  13. Justin (verified owner)

    I started using this flour when supplies ran out in the shops. I use it for sourdough (mixed sometimes with rye or wholemeal flour). I have also used it in yeast bread, enriched doughs, flat breads, ciabatta, naans and Staffordshire oat pancakes (try them). I don’t think I will ever go back to supermarket strong flour because the Marriages flour was so good. Thanks for the efficient delivery and keeping us supplied.

    As a home baker, it would be great if you guys made smaller quantities of other flours – such as rye or wholemeal available to us who do not have a great need for large quantities. If you were to do so, I would be very interested to get some.

    Thanks for supplying us this flour.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Justin, Many thanks for your comments. Independent feedback on what we offer is very helpful to others less familiar with our range of ingredients. You make a valid point about pack sizes and we have been working to reduce pack size (offer smaller pack sizes on Krusty White Bread Mix, Malted Grain Flour, and Millers Munch to name three) but we are restricted by what our mill can pack. We are continuing to work on this and we hope to have smaller pack sizes in other products available soon, though probably not on Uppermost I’m afraid. We do give advice on how to extend the shelf life of the flours you buy from us in our Frequently Asked Question page on the Kells online store.

      Happy Christmas and happy baking from all at the Kells & The Little Mill teams

  14. Emanuele (verified owner)

    The service is just excellent. I received the flour today and have still to become familiar with it before writing a review.
    I have been surprised to notice a different amount of proteins reported in the label though: in the website it’s given 13.4 % of protein content while in the bag just 12.7%.
    I would have found informative also a rough estimation of the W range, given this is a professional product.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Emanuele,
      Thanks for your review. They are helpful for new customers unfamiliar with our range. The protein declared on the website is taken from the specification provided by Marriages and we will investigate the matter. However the protein declared on the website is a nutritional declaration required by law and includes water soluble protein that does not contribute to gluten structure. As regards the ‘W’ range, that measure forms part of the Chopin Alveograph test, and such tests are not generally used by flour millers in the UK.
      Thanks again for your feedback. From all in the Kells team.

  15. Zdenka (verified owner)

    Very nice flour. I use it for mostly sourdough bread but it is nice in yeast bread too. I am just going to order second time this flour. In 2020 I used rye flour, plur flour, spelt flour and malted oats all ordered from this web. And as happy customer I keep returning

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Zdenka,
      Many thanks for your review and we at Kells are glad you like our products. From all at the Kells Team

  16. Simon (verified owner)

    A perfect all rounder for all types of bread – also plays nicely with Rye and Wholemeal in a blend!

    Great value even despite the slight post-Brexit price increase…

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Simon, Thanks for your feedback. Independent observations about our flours are always helpful to other bakers who may not be a familiar with our flours. Happy baking from all at the Kells Team.

  17. Philip Schofield (verified owner)

    Makes excellent Italian white loaf with just water, olive oil, salt and yeast from Kells

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Philip, thanks for the suggestion. Independent feedback like yours is so helpful for home bakers not as familiar with our range of bakery ingredients. Happy baking from all at the Kells team.

  18. Carmel (verified owner)

    Very happy with this flour. A novice sourdough baker here. Getting great results. The flavour from the bread is much better than with previous flours I’ve used. The price is good. Ordered this on a Monday at 11.30. Delivered Tuesday at 12.30 ! Only downside is having to get 16kg.

    • Shop Manager

      Thanks for your feedback Carmel, very helpful for others not as familiar with our flours. Happy baking from all at Kells

  19. Stephen (verified owner)

    A fairly solid strong flour. Delivers great taste and is easy to work with. Have baked sourdough, brioches and pizza bases with it without problem. Found that it can be a bit difficult to get the crust to be very textured but that’s only a small thing. Would definitely recommend for folks starting off or for enthusiasts looking for a go too bread.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Stephen, Many thanks for your review. Independent comments like yours are so helpful to others not as familiar with products available through our webstore. Happy baking from all in the Kells Team

  20. Paschall de Paor (verified owner)

    A great flour and flavour. I’m using it in sourdough, yeasted, and soda of all kinds. Highly recommended flour and company!

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Paschall, thank you for your comment. Independent feedback like yours is so helpful to bakers who are not as familiar with our products as your are. Happy baking from the Kells team.

  21. Michael BASS (verified owner)

    I am a home baker and have used two 16k bags in the year of lockdown and will now order a third bag.
    I use it for sourdough and for pizza dough [with 50mg of semolina] and prefer it’s success rate over any other flour I have used. The quality over store-bought strong flour is noticeable and the price is fair. My only concern is storage and finding a suitable container to keep it fresh longer. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your comment. Independent feedback like yours is very helpful to other bakers who may not be as familiar with our product range. We give guidance on storage of flours to maximise life in our ‘Questions Answered Here’ section at the bottom of the webpage , just look under the ‘products’ section. Happy baking from all at the Kells Team

  22. Adam (verified owner)

    This is great sourdough bread and sourdough pizza flour. It is easy to build gluten strength and can be cold fermented for up to a couple of days if prepared properly. Coming back for more now actually.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Adam,
      Thank you for your feedback. Uppermost is a very popular and tolerant flour very popular with sourdough or long fermentation process bread bakers both in the home or in a business. Independent feedback like yours is so helpful to bakers who may not be as familiar with pour products as you are. Happy baking, from all on the Kells Team.

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