Reduced Sugar Mix

Jun 3, 2020

Public Health England (PHE) set new targets for manufacturers to reduce sugar by 20% by 2020. With innovation as one of our key values, we have refined a number of technologies to allow us to produce a lower sugar cake blend to help our customers meet these targets and reduce the amount of sugar in their cakes.

Available in our popular Plain Crème Cake mix, this blend makes a cake that has 14.5% sugar, which is 36% less than our standard Crème Cake mix. This allows bakers to decorate the cakes as they would do usually, without compromise and still have 30% reduction in sugar, in comparison to a standard equivalent cake. With excellent structure and flavour, the blend has no artificial sweeteners or oligosaccharide complications. We can also offer cake mixes that are flavoured for those seeking variety.

Kells also offers bespoke blends, which can be based on a customer recipe, but using Kells’ technologies to achieve the required sugar reduction. For more information, contact the team or follow us on LinkedIn.