Sep 19, 2019

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) recently revealed national attitudinal research that shows that 7 out of 10 Irish food businesses view the availability of skilled workers as a serious concern. This reflects a large decrease in unemployment and, more importantly, fewer skilled workers in recent years.

One way business customers who are short of skilled employees can increase productivity, is to look at moving to blends or concentrates, thereby freeing up staff from carrying out low skilled but critical tasks like weighing up ingredients for complicated recipes.

Using either pre-existing blends from Kells or, (subject to volume), talking to Kells about blending a recipe to your own design with total confidence and security, means you can free up your skilled staff for more valuable and rewarding tasks.

At Kells, we have an excellent track record for blending, both our own Kells brand and to individual customer requirements for full blends, concentrates, or key ingredients such as special seed blends. The blend doesn’t have to be complete but might include a concentrate of key ingredients for your existing scratch recipe.

At Kells, we can offer:

  • Total confidentiality and high-quality standards from an established supplier you know and trust
  • Surprisingly small minimum order quantities for a bespoke or ‘personalised’ recipe
  • Greater consistency in weighed recipes
  • Each batch blended individually, and test baked prior to dispatch
  • Flexibility on bag weight to suit your process
  • Full third-party accreditation and traceability to BRC ‘AA’ standard
  • Blend production managed with the latest SAP control system
  • Fantastic end results!

Kells also has access to a range of ingredient technologies, and the potential for reducing the large number of separate ingredients that a total scratch recipe can demand. Therefore, moving to a concentrated or blend solution can offer huge benefits to maximise your business. 

For more details on these products, contact Kells or visit our website. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.