Summer sizzlers!

Jul 15, 2019

It’s officially summer and time to dust off the BBQ to enjoy some alfresco dining. The next couple of months is all about eating with friends and enjoying a glass of wine with fantastic tearing breads, flat breads and dips… 

Kells has a whole range of summer bread options to help you maximise your product offering during this period.

Foccacia Tear-and-Share with friends

3903 Kells Krusty White Mix makes excellent tear-and-share focaccia breads and flat breads allowing bakers to add their own toppings and flavours to bring the bread to life. 

Simple floury baps, BBQ breads, sliders or pizza

3901 Kells Bap Mix is the basic building block to allow your imagination to ‘run wild’ and create a variety of bakery goods with one great mix!

Contact Kells for its ‘Summer Sizzlers’ suggestions via their website and follow Kells on LinkedIn.