Jun 21, 2019

There has been a significant rise in obesity numbers across Ireland over the past 20 years, with only an estimated 40% of the population classified at a ‘healthy’ weight. Some of the reasons behind this have been linked to our diet and a less active lifestyle, with sugar being identified as one of the key ‘problem’ ingredients in our food.

A recent Safefood Ireland survey showed that consumers are becoming more educated on sugar and have already identified it as the third greatest risk in relation to health concerns related to food. With the recent introduction of sugar tax on carbonated drinks, the profile of sugars in food, especially the more routinely eaten foods and children’s food, is set to increase.

The Irish and UK governments have their own strategies for addressing the problem of obesity, however they have common approaches when it comes to food producers with both intending to encourage a cut in the amount of sugar in manufactured foods.

While many will feel, and not without justification, that healthy eating and indulgent products, such as cake, simply do not work well as a proposition for the consumer, there is no doubt that pressure will mount on the industry to reduce sugar in some sectors.

Public Health England’s (PHE) target to reduce sugar in cake by 27.9% by 2020, means that we are already seeing changes with competing food sectors, such as biscuits and chocolate confectionery, but recently, a leading UK cake brand has now launched a range of reduced sugar cakes for every day snacking.

This brings business opportunities for cafes and bakeries who are looking to offer the recommended 30% reduced sugar cakes and Kells is in a position to help!

Firstly, much of our current Crème Cake Range is already below the PHE 2020 targets.

  • 3211 Kells Plain Crème Cake Blend
  • 3252 Kells Coffee Crème Cake Blend
  • 3264 Kells Raspberry and Cream Crème Cake Blend
  • 3265 Kells Elderflower Flavour Crème Cake Blend
  • 3215 Kells Lemon Crème Cake Blend

Secondly, Kells has refined a number of technologies to allow a Reduced Sugar claim in cake recipes. In line with Kells’ values, the solutions we have achieved meet the following criteria:

  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No oligosaccharide complications
  • Excellent structure
  • Excellent flavour

As an example, our reduced sugar version of 3211 Kells Plain Crème Cake Blend makes a cake that has 13.8% sugar, which is 43% less than our standard Crème Cake blend. This gives scope for decorative icing options, without compromise and still has a 30% reduction in sugar in comparison to a standard equivalent cake.

If you want to move to below PHE 2020 targets, create a bespoke blend for a gradual quiet reduction in sugar, make a reduced sugar claim on a bespoke blend, or simply try our reduced sugar Crème Cake recipe to launch as a reduced sugar alternative from a standard range… why not ask Kells!