The battle of the brans – why wheat bran is best!

Mar 16, 2020

Fibre is key to a healthy balanced diet, but most of us don’t eat enough of this important nutrient. The daily recommendation for adults is 30g of fibre a day, but most are only eating an average of 18g.1

By upping your fibre intake to just 25-29g it can potentially help to prevent a number of health issues including heart disease, type-2 diabetes and bowl cancer. It can also assist with the management of blood pressure, cholesterol levels2 and help to keep the digestive system moving and promote healthy gut bacteria.

The good news is that it can be relatively easy to add more fibre into the diet by simply eating more bread! All bread is a source of fibre but wholemeal bread is a particularly good source. At Kells, we have created a range of blends that use wheat bran – for added fibre. Wheat bran contains on average 40% fibre which is one of the highest levels of fibre of any cereal. When made into delicious breads, bakers can offer a high fibre claim to their customers – who are increasingly looking for breads with benefits.

These blends include:

3003Hi Fibre Brown SodaMakes a bread high in Fibre
3008Millers Munch Soda BreadMakes a bread high in Fibre
3009Nore Soda Bread Makes a bread that is a fibre bread or Source of Fibre
3911Kells Wholemeal Power Flour Bread (yeasted) Makes a bread high in Fibre

In addition, Kells have a wide range of bread blends and wholemeal flours, that are also sources of fibre, that bakers can use for their own recipes. Ask Kells for more information on their range of bread blends and to find out more about the additional health benefits they offer. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.