Thinking ahead to Easter

Feb 10, 2020

In the lead up to Easter, one of the most popular seasonal foods is the deliciously sticky hot cross bun. The lightly fruited and spiced, sweet bakery treat is usually associated with Christian traditions and in particular Good Friday. The traditional paste or shortcrust pastry cross is reputed to symbolise the crucifixion.

Some sources say that versions of the confection pre-dates Christianity and the cross shape indicates the four seasons celebrating the arrival of spring and that the idea was adopted by Christian culture. Whatever the origin, there is no doubt that this classic bun is in high demand at Easter.

Traditional hot cross buns will always be popular, but over recent years there has been an increase in the market for new types of buns such as salted caramel, blueberry or chocolate chip. So, why not tap into this large market and take the opportunity to expand your range this year?

Whatever type of buns you are baking, there’s no need to buy a specific blend. Our versatile 3901 Kells Bap Mix can be used as a base to make the very best hot cross buns – choose from classic buns or get creative and add extra ingredients such as toffee, chocolate or caramel. Plus, this versatile bap mix can be used to make a range of other bakes, all year round.

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