Two Spring Crops Planted Successfully

May 16, 2019

Thomas Butler, our neighbour and arable farming partner, successfully planted Olands and Purple Wheats this April. Waiting for the perfect conditions resulted in late planting this spring, which is always risky business, but luckily the seed is in the ground and has started to emerge.

The seed that we used this year was saved and stored from our 2017 and 2018 crop originally brought in from Denmark in 2016. Before planting we ran a germination test to insure the seed will grow, testing 5 x 100 grains from the 2017/18 season for both Olands and Purple. Our germination test for the 2017 Purple Wheat didn’t pass the test, but as you can see from the image, the 2018 Purple Wheat crop did and now both the Purple and Olands Wheat is starting to appear successfully.