Waffles and crepe opportunities

Jul 15, 2019

Part-baked pastries and doughnuts are continuing to do well in the sweet bakery category, so why not add sweet waffles and crepes to your range to maximise the business opportunities?   

With options to sell them prepacked or made to order in-store, in cafes or other food service outlets, creation of waffles and crepes can deliver theatre, fresh smells and excitement to customers and allow bakers and the food service industry to differentiate from their competition.

Kells offer two products in this area:

3810 Kells Premium Waffle Blend 

A quick and easy blend that works excellently in providing a base to compliment any topping, such as a simple dusting of icing sugar for a hand-held snack, or for a more elaborate plate served dessert with ice cream or yoghurt and fruit and sauces. 

3800 Kells Crepe Pancake Blend 

Kells Crepe Pancake blend is quick and easy to use and is the perfect base for a huge dessert offering. Chefs and bakers and can use fruit compotes, chocolate spreads, cream, ice cream and even yoghurt to top their Crepes.  

If you are interested to offer more selection, contact Kells about their blends and information on baking equipment or visit their website. You can also follow Kells on LinkedIn.