About us

We are father and son, Bill and Robert Mosse, who together run our Irish family business, Kells, with seven generations of passion and expertise behind us.



Our story started on the banks of the river Nore in Co Kilkenny, where we still mill today. For seven generations we have been selecting the best wheat and milling the best flour for our customers and today that same great flour is what makes our blends the best you can buy.

But it’s not just about the grain – it’s our collective skill and passion at the heart of our business that makes us one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of bakery ingredients.

We provide mixes for a range of bakery goods from flour blends to bread, scones and cakes. We can tailor solutions specific to your company, whether that’s meeting a health claim, developing a specific blend from scratch or creating new product lines. We work with a range of customers from bakers of all sizes and hotels to cake makers and coffee shops.



We have been milling stoneground wholemeal for bakeries in Ireland for many years. As millers, we have a passion for baking, always trying out lots of new, interesting and delicious recipes. The blending business was a natural progression for us and we were one of the first to introduce blends to both the bakery trade and to consumers in Ireland.

A blend is a recipe that we have created to deliver a combination of ingredients, which just needs liquid adding to it. Our customers simply need to add water, milk, egg or vegetable oil to the blend before mixing and baking to make the finished product.

A concentrate is a pre-prepared recipe which needs bulk ingredients such as flour and sugar added to make the finished product. It will also need supplementary liquids such as water, egg or vegetable oil before mixing and baking.