Native Wholemeal Rye (12.5kg)

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Temporarily unavailable. Please use the alternative Kells Wholemeal Rye from the Kells online store.

Irish grown rye. Milled using a traditional stone grinding method, this wholemeal rye flour is suitable for soda bread as well as sourdough and other fermented breads.

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Ingredient Declaration: Wholemeal Rye (100%)
Allergen information: Cereal containing gluten (rye). Packed in a premises that also handles wheat.
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Suitable for Vegans: Yes

Additional information

Weight12.5 kg
Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g of the product supplied by Kells Energy: 334kcal / 1409kj Fat: 1.7g (of which saturates): 0.9g Carbohydrate: 68g (of which sugars): 0.9g Fibre: 13.0g Protein*: 7.9g Salt: Trace *Protein is for nutritional information only and should not be taken as an indication of gluten forming the protein.

Shelf Life

Kells does its best to deliver flours with a long a ‘best before’ life as possible. The actual best before on a flour can vary depending on when the flour was milled before the order was placed. Kells guarantees at least 1/3rd of the full best before shelf life of a flour given at the time of milling. To find out more about the minimum best before shelf life you can expect on flours from this webshop and what the ‘best before’ actually means please open our ‘Questions Answered Here’ section at the bottom of each shop page ( ). Normally Kells supply flours with a ‘best before’ life far longer than the minimum guaranteed.

5 reviews for Native Wholemeal Rye (12.5kg)

  1. Ed Smith (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t be without a supply of this flour. Perfect for sourdough starters. I use a some of my discard in pizza dough and crackers and it has an incredibly rich and nutty flavour. A really great product and super value for money too.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Ed,
      Thanks for the feedback and we are particularly proud of our locally milled wholemeal rye flour ! Happy baking from all at the Kells Team.

  2. Tina (verified owner)

    I love this flour. My sourdough starter has never worked so well as with this flour. It is just awesome! Very happy with this in our sourdough bread. All of my friends baking sourdough bread are now using it too.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Tina,
      Many thanks for your feedback. Independent reviews like yours greatly assist other bakers who are not as familiar with our range of flours as you are. We are particularly proud of the Native Wholemeal Rye, milled from Irish grown rye in our artisan flour mill. Happy baking from all in the Kells & Little Mill team

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    This is great flour. I use it in my starter and in my bread. I have great results with both. It disappears very quickly. Fantastic stuff.

    • Shop Manager

      Thanks for the feedback Mark. We are very proud of our native range of flours, especially the wholemeal flours. Independent feedback like yours is so helpful to other bakers who may not be as familiar with our flours as you are. Happy baking from all at the Kells team.

  4. Momo Watanabe (verified owner)

    I just switched to this flour recently, and I am loving it for the weekly sourdough that I bake. I like my sourdough very sour, and I think this flour will get me there. Although I would like to know if it is organic? Many many thanks for this fab product!

    • Shop Manager

      Hi , thanks for your comment. Our Native Wholemeal Rye flour is milled in our artisan flour mill using traditional grindstones. The rye is grown here in Ireland, and is conventional , not organic. We do have organic white and wholemeal wheat flours in our range, but not rye at this stage. Independent feedback like yours is so helpful to bakers not as familiar with our products. Happy baking from all at the Kells team.

  5. fons jansen (verified owner)

    Just want to confirm all of the above. I’d been looking for wholemeal rye flour for a while for my sourdough (mainly pizza) and I’ve never had my base so actively growing.

    • Shop Manager

      Hello Fons,
      Thanks so much for your helpful comment about our Native Wholemeal Rye Flour. Independent reviews like yours assist others who may not be as familiar with our flours as you are. Kind regards from all at Kells/The Little Mill.

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