Knoll Mill T700 Organic White Wheat Flour

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A premium organic white flour made from a blend of European and Asian wheat to ÖLMB Codex chapter B 20 standard. Gluten forming protein content average 11%. Organic Certification Agent: AT-BIO-401. Suitable for yeast breads, baguettes and long fermentation sourdough breads as well as confectionery and pastry.

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Ingredient Declaration: Wheat Flour
Allergen information: Contains cereals containing gluten (wheat)
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Suitable for Vegans: Yes

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Weight 25 kg
Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g of product supplied by Kells Energy : 343kcal / 1439kj Fat : 1.2g (of which saturates) : 0.3g Carbohydrate: 67.5g (of which sugars) : 2g Fibre: 3.6g Protein * : 12.9g Salt : 0.007g (Trace) *Note the protein values relate to total protein for nutrition and should not be taken as an indication of gluten quality.

5 reviews for Knoll Mill T700 Organic White Wheat Flour

  1. Monika R. (verified owner)

    My customers asked me to source organic flour and I chose this. What a great flour. Needs more water than the French flour I am using for my sourdoughs. My loaves raised beautifully. Very happy with it.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Monika, Thanks for your feedback. Yes we scoured Europe for a good organic flour supplier for several years and at last we seem to have found a great family owned and run miller who makes consistently good organic flour. Independent feedback like yours is very helpful for people new to Kells who may be unsure what flour to try. Happy Baking from all on the Kells team.

  2. Tanguy de Toulgoët (verified owner)

    Great flour! It makes great sourdough loaves.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Tanguy, Thanks for your independent comment on our T700 Organic white flour. Feedback like this is so useful to bakers not quite as familiar with our flours as you are. Happy baking from all at the Kells Team

  3. Triona (verified owner)

    I changed from Marriages to this to try something new and organic for sourdough loaves, a risk for me because I need a flour that can work on different schedules, I bake whenever I can fit it into my day. This flour works brilliantly on a room temp rise and a retarded long rise(12 hrs in the fridge). Very happy with the oven spring in both scenarios. Tastes great.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Triona,
      Many thanks for the helpful comment. Independent feedback like yours is so useful to others less experienced with the bakery products we sell.We are proud to work with another family owned and run flour mill ,this one (Knoll Muhle)in Austria , making some great flours along with other family owned and run businesses Marriages (UK), Soufflet (France) and of course The Little Mill/Kells here in Ireland. Happy baking from all at Kells

  4. Mark

    Pick up the 10kg sample pack to see how this flour was. Really impressed with it. Mixed it with Wholemeal Rye for my Sourdough. Oven spring was great. I found the bread from this dough lovely and light. Highly recommend.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your comment about our T700 Organic White Flour. It is independent feedback like yours that is helpful to other bakers who may not be as familiar with our products. Happy baking from all at the Kells team.

  5. Joanna (verified owner)

    Really nice flour for sourdough. Making my best loaves ever with it.

    • Shop Manager

      Hi Joanna, Many thanks for your comment. Independent feedback like yours is so helpful to us and more importantly to other bakers who may not be as familiar with our product range. Happy baking from all in the Kells team.

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